Thursday, August 03, 2006

Earth, Wind and Fiya!

Before you die, you should see Earth, Wind & Fire perform. And I'll leave the rest of the review for

The show was amazing, and I think I realized that White people just may like EW&F more than Black people. You know how how when somebody's "song" comes on, they do they throw their hands up and do like a backwards circle jig? Well, there were far more Whites doing that then Blacks.

FYI--August 2nd is now officially Earth, Wind & Fire Day in Columbus. Just one more perk from having a Black mayor. What will you do next year to commemorate this special occasion?

While you chew on that, here are some pictures of the night! Enjoy!!

Before EW&F came out, I was looking all cute in my seat.

Thanks to Rhyan's job, we got some good VIP seats. Real plush on my booty.

ME and Rhyan cold chillin in the VIP section

Rhyan before she started getting all wild and crazy at the show

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Can you make those guys out? That's Verdine White, Ralph Johnson and THE Philip Bailey

Verdine White is currently my hair idol! Do you think that's his real hair? That was the question of the night...

"Don't be scared of the juices and berries!" That's what that look means...

This guy is one of the "new" members of the group. He was kinda cute, some of the time...

More pics of Verdine White! When a 50+ man can rock leopard pants, more ruffles than Price and hair down to his calf, that is surely camera worthy!

The whole line up oce again. We tried to get a solo shot of Philip Bailey, but the bouncers almost tackled us!

Monday, July 31, 2006

(Fill in the blank) Must Die!!!


Shout outs to The Usual Suspects crew…I know you guys hate me for not coming out. But I had to take care of some unfinished business (shout outs to my unfinished business). I heard people were spilling out of Bodega’s, the deejays were on fire, people were beefin’, and celebrities were in the house. I wasn’t there, so you guys are going to have to fill in the blanks.

How awesome is the concept behind the movie John Tucker Must Die? I mean, I won’t be going to the movie theater to see it, but I will be anxiously awaiting its TNT or TBS television debut. It’s nice to know I’m not the only girl who has been two-timed (or in some cases 5,6 or 7 timed) by a boy. I used to date this guy that had at least five revolving girls that I knew of. Let alone the ones I didn’t know. If we could have got on some common accord, and “taught this guy a lesson” what would he have learned, really? Boys that like to date multiple girls can never be cured of that, I think. Because it’s not the boy with the issue, it’s the kind of girls the boy is attracted to. Of course, women can say…well if we change, the men with change. But face it, there will always be girls who will be with a man regardless of his “prior engagements,” there will always be girls who don’t care about other loves in his life. I used to live by the creed, “I don’t care about the other girls, just be good to me.” I date multiple boys, and I can’t say any of them ever get mad at me for being with the other. I also don’t lie about it either, which might be John Tucker’s problem…

So if you could fill in the blank up there, who do you know should “die” and what would you do to “kill him?”

There are tons of things going on this week. I don’t ask much from you guys, but please go out and support some of the local talent in Columbus.


Black Pearl Poetry will be celebrating its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Yeah! Shout outs to Ed Mabrey for a successful year! My favorite deejay, Krate Digga will be spinning (a House and Reggae set, so I hear). A SHE Slam with all women poets still has some slots open. Ladies, there is $200, diamonds and other prizes on the line…so I say get your words together and spit SOMETHING. Slam poet Patricia Smith will be in the building as well. As well, The Pink Ghetto. Tickets are well worth the $7 admission. You’ll have to be very important to get into VIP at this point…The place will be stacked around 8pm, remember this is the Brownstone people so get there early…


Writer’s Block Poetry will be having a send off for their Slam team as well. (Two teams in Columbus means the city is getting bigger and deffer). I love the Columbus Music Hall on Parsons too. Tickets are $5. There are fresh baked cookies and the bartender is hot!

I scored some hot seats and a hot date for the Earth, Wind & Fire concert! If you check the Ticketmaster site today...they are havins a special on seats, yo! $18 lawn seats are whatsup...What’s your favorite EW&F song?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Birthday Weekend Recap

After the nonstop partying from this weekend, I swear I need some chicken noodle soup and a soda on the side (let it rain, and cool it out). Business first, pictures are coming! Actually I have one set that I will upload this evening, and a second set that I’m sure are coming swiftly.

Of the things that I can remember, here are some high lights from my weekend. For those of you who were there and swore I acted crazy, you can fill in the blanks.

I swatted a plot to ruin my birthday by attending the Common/The Roots concert. Common was one song away from me flashing him Mardi Gras style. I’ve always known that Common was a good-looking man. But how sexy he is…man, I was sleeping on that! Expect comments about me stealing his sperm and having his babies for the remainder of the year. Look out for the full review on!

If you were at Cove Lounge Friday night, you saw the VIP section rockin’ like never before. Krate Digga brought in my 25th birthday like no other deejay could have! Big, big shout outs to him! There were tons of people there, and please blame the liquor if I didn’t remember you, or called you a name that wasn’t your name, or licked your face and called you sexy, or knocked your drink over or any of the things drunk (yet hot) girls do when they turn 25.

For all the people who promised to buy me a drink and couldn’t because I maxed out at three shots and two mixed drinks, you’ll just have to owe me one next year (or next time you see me out). After waking up Saturday morning and making myself not get out the bed because I was scared I would throw up, I’ve come to a couple conclusions.

1. I can’t forsee an occasion in the near future, however downing consecutive Patron shots is not the most gut-friendly thing in the world.

2. Inviting all the hottest boys I know to the same event wasn’t as panic inducing as my friends thought it would be. I did manage to come with and leave with the same person.

3. Always follow heavy drinking with heavy eating. How I forgot to do this, I don’t know.

Did the family thing at Buca di Beppo. I successfully swatted an uncomfortable conversation with my Dad who told me to let him know when thee was something “Daddy friendly” on my blog for him to read. As he waited for a response, I stuffed my mouth with fried mozzarella.

After much debating and Christmas socks, breezed through the Brownstone which looked like the secret meeting of sugar daddies and PYTs. Even though I ate 10 kinds of pastas at Buca, settled at Steak N’ Shake for an awesome, late-night brownie sundae.

The feeding frenzy continues! I went to the Ribfest with my mom, my sister, Jessica and Afrika and ate beef brisket, a huge ass smoothie and half of a funnel cake. I also tried not to flirt with hot boys in front of my mom, since she met my number one and liked him lots. According to PTosh, I’m just a big flirt…it’s harmless.

I met a couple people who knew me solely based on my blog, which made me feel part good/part creeped the eff out about what they really thought about me from meeting me in person.

Thanks to everybody who gave me birthday shout outs and everybody who came out to the birthday events. Once again, look out for pictures coming this evening!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

FAQ: The Birthday Edition

Q. Are you feeling any older?
A. Heck yeah! I feel like I’ve grown about six feet since last year. I have never been so emotionally, financially and spiritually taxed in my life. But I’ve gotten to know myself in a way that I never thought I would. When Beyonce talks about being her own best friend in Me, Myself and I, I now understand what she means. I’ve found out that I am witty, charming, intelligent, wordly and very, very, girly. And I just love it…I don’t know about you.

Q. When are you going to settle down?
A. I am settled down, compared to how I was acting this time last year. No more getting drunk in public. No more casual sex. I worry first about my image, second about my budget, third about my waistline anytime I go anywhere.

Q. How did you make it to 25 without having any kids?
A. The pull out method

Q. What’s the best birthday present you’ve ever received?
A. Well, last year on my birthday, I bought myself my first John Mayer CD. And one year later, I’ve probably got more John Mayer CDs than John Mayer. Not only do I have every studio produced and live CD (real versions, not copies), some of them, I have two copies of! Yes, I am John Mayer’s Stan and damn proud of it!

Q. What are you looking forward to in the next year?
A. Finishing my book of short stories, losing 30 more pounds, growing hair like Diana Ross, going to see the Cleveland Cavs play this Fall (if I’m still invited), going on vacation with my parents and sister, my new house, seeing my Godbaby turn four. Not having a tight ass (being uptight) at the advice of a good friend of mine who knows how spazzy I can be (I listen, I swear). Seeing all of my talented friends’ hard work turn into some big money and doing some PR work for them!

Q. What have you learned since your last birthday?
A. My angles when taking pictures, that I can ask anybody anything I want, I can’t eat the following foods: cabbage, yellow peppers, anything with pork, calamari or milk. I love sushi. I’m racist (mostly against other black people), I’m sexist (against WNBA players), I can date a white boy, I can date several boys at once and be in total control of the whole situation. I just can’t help being a girl. My favorite deejay is Krate Digga, my favorite wine is Moscato, my favorite vegetable is asparagus. I look best in pink. Kanye West just might be gay. Method Man definitely isn’t. Bailar by J Rawls just might be one of my favorite songs.

Q. Where’s the party at?
A. If you don’t know by now! Tonight after the SOLD OUT Roots/Common show, I’ll be at the Carlile Club awaiting my birthday poem from Wali.

Tomorrow I’ll be at Cove. You don’t want to know what I had to do to Michael Kors to get my fabulous dress. And thanks to working out four times a week, I’ll be able to free-tit it in my dress for the first time EVER. If that’s not incentive enough to come to my party, I don’t know what is!

Song For Today: Golden by Jill Scott (my new personal anthem)

Other July 20 babies:
Rockabilly singer Sleepy LaBeef is 71.
Actress Diana Rigg (The Avengers ) is 68.
Bassist John Lodge of the Moody Blues is 63.
Country singer T.G. Sheppard is 62.
Singer Kim Carnes is 60.
Guitarist Carlos Santana is 59.
Drummer Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols is 50.
Actress Donna Dixon (Bosom Buddies ) is 49.
Country singer Radney Foster is 47.
Singer Chris Cornell of Audioslave (and Soundgarden) is 42.
Guitarist Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam is 40.
Actor Reed Diamond (Homicide: Life on the Street ) is 39.
Actor Josh Holloway (Lost ) is 37.
Singer Vitamin C is 37.
Actor Simon Rex is 32.
Actor Charlie Korsmo (Can't Hardly Wait,Hook ) is 28.
Actor John Francis Daley (Freaks and Geeks ) is 21.
Actress Billi Bruno (According to Jim ) is 10.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Wants & Needs: The Birthday Edition

Less than a week until my big birthday bash. No doubt I’ve been on top of the necessary preparations to make sure everybody has a ball, including me. Shout outs to Niel and Jurist Public Relations for the lush little shindig I attended yesterday. Everybody was all pretty and grown up. It was a black person’s heaven.

So below is a list of all the things I want for my own birthday. Some are rational, some are ridiculous. All are within somebody’s price range.

1. MAC Lipgloss It’s been a year since I’ve bought a tube of MAC Lipgloss. Sure, Loreal is a fine brand, but nothing is as sexy and buttery as a MAC glossed lip.

2. A Mortgage Payment Sure, that’s a big gift to ask for. This isn’t a required list so…if you can’t give me at least $800, then I won’t hold that against you. This is about what I want, not what is feasible.

3. CoCo Chanel Mademoiselle and DKNY Be Delicious I think by the time a woman is 25, she should have a signature smell. When I enter someone’s presence, they should be able to smell my distinguishable, pleasant scent. Now, that used to be CoCoMango body oil…but I need to step it up a little.

4. Aveda Be Curly Because this is the only way I will be able to wear my hair curly without making it drier than hot snatch.

5. Warm Spirit Vetiver and Bella Body Butter A Maintenance Day must! Nothing smells and feels better on a woman than this stuff. It makes me even more touchable.

6. A Body Like Beyonce Now, this is what you can do to help me get a body like Beyonce. DON’T go out to dinner with me when I call. DON’T ask me to go to breakfast or brunch. SUGGEST we make a salad or go get salads. DON’T invite me over if your dinner includes red meat, pork dairy, processed flour and sugar. DON’T buy me any drinks besides wine. ENCOURAGE me to go to the gym, even though I just got off work and I’m tired and hungry.

7. A Family Vacation Back in the day, my family used to go somewhere every summer. Well, I’ve been using my PR skills to “encourage” my parents to take me and my sister on a trip, sometime in August. We’ve narrowed it down to either Savannah or a cruise in the winter. I know I’ll be 25 and all…but I want to go on a vacation like I’m 10 again.

8. Subscription to Playboy No I’m not gay. Since that’s cleared up…so I read through the current issue with the taut, yet old Stacey Dash showing her goodies. And I forgot how intelligent and highbrow Playboy is. Besides the naked women, Playboy probably has the best articles and writers in magazine writing. Alex Haley used to write for Playboy, did you know that?

9. iPod Nano Okay, so I have a functional MP3 player. It serves its purpose, keeping me motivated while I work out. But dammit, I want an iPod Nano. Just because I do, okay!

10. One Song From Everybody What a perfect compliment to an iPod. So, you may not know me. You may read my blog and live in Bubble Fuck, Egypt. Or the Hilltop in Columbus. But you love me and want to get me something for my birthday. Well, this will be your cyber-equivalent to pinning a dollar on my shirt. Send me a dollar and a song suggestion and I’ll buy it on iTunes (and I’ll shout you out in a fabulous way)

Simply go to Pay Pal’s website. Hopefully you have a PayPal account, if not, then sign up for one. Click on the Send Money tab at the top of the screen. Type in my email address, $1.00 (or more if you are feeling generous) and the song I should buy in the description. How easy is that!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

So Far, So Good

7 a.m. Wake up dazed after having a vivid, yet non-sexual dream about a boy I used to date. Laid in the bed for about five minutes and continued to be rebuffed by the fact that Matt Lauer is STILL on vacation from the Today Show.

8 a.m. Decided to eat breakfast at home even though I have to be at work at 8:30. But did it anyway. Started to think about the signs that you may be entering a real relationship.

Sign 1: The freak train passes you by. The myth of the freak train is true. When you settle down, the freakiest, helicopter ride will proposition you (why I just referred to a boy as a helicopter ride, I don’t know). The mistake I made with my last relationship is that once we got serious, nobody cared. Niggas knew it was flimsy, and I’d be back on the market soon.

Sign 2: You avoid your weaknesses. I like the little extra attention I get when I’m almost taken. But sometimes the mind is strong, but the body is weak. So I’m actually trying to distance myself from certain stops on the freak train, so I don’t end up on the West side when I want to be out East (did I take my metaphor too far?). So now I’ll talk to a boy online, instead of on the phone. There are some guys that I just can’t hear their voice without making some sort of action to see them.

Sign 3: I know I have to think about all of these things to expunge the dream about my ex I had last night. So actively dealing with debt (as The Champ likes to call it) without letting guilt and horniness ruin my life is a top priority. If not for the relationship, but for myself.

Sign 4: Hope that my confession lets the Number One boy know that I haven’t bestowed on him some ridiculous savior quality. He is not the cure. But because of his personality, I am trying to be a better person.

8:30 a.m. Still sitting on the freeway. People are driving like Hurricane Andrew hit Columbus last night and we are crawling through the wreckage. Thought fondly about the premiere of Project Runway last night, and a polite way to ask Michael Kors if I could kidnap his sperm. Even though I’m fly, he’s gay and I doubt he would have to sex to impregnate me. Especially for this

Also thought about ways to add the following phrases into my vocabulary without sounding gay:

Make It Work

You’re In

You’re Out

Meka Leka Hi, Meka Hiney Ho

9 a.m. Began to regret the pasta primevera and tuna melt I ate from Shane’s yesterday. Especially after seeing Beyonce looking svelte and fabulous in her new video.

Thought about when I was at the gym yesterday, and how the older I get, the more I am turned off by game. A boy came up to me and said “You look good when you sweat. I’ve been watching you for a while, we should talk outside of the gym.” At this point, even though I heard him clearly, I pointed at my MP3 player and shrugged as if it were impossible for me to remove it from my ear and “hear” what he had to say. I just can’t help being a bitch.

9:30 a.m. Began to feel really confident about the outfit I’m wearing to Niel’s birthday soiree this evening. Began to feel really guilty about all the people I need to call back including:

My friend from high school

My friend from college

My best friend in Toledo

My best friends in Columbus

My sister

A boy that I “like” (I kinda like him a little more than I like the average person. Not more than I like all of my other acquaintances. A lot less than I like him to differentiate him between a boy that I LIKE and just a person I am fond of) (That wasn’t much clarity, I know)

But then I said phuck it, it’s only 9:30 and if people would just come to my birthday party, they could get all access Donna. If you didn’t receive the Evite, let me know and I'll add you! Unless you are one of my four nemesis (who I know read my blog) in that case go phuck yourself next weekend, all weekend.

10 a.m. Gained a small amount of pleasure from a voicemail and email I received from this prick I used to date who sasses me pretty badly for not returning his calls last week. The pleasure is gained from the guilt he will feel once I tell him that MY GRANDMOTHER DIED and despite his efforts for mourning booty, I just didn’t have time to talk to him. One small step for being a bitch, one giant step toward getting this guy to leave me the hell alone forever.

Song For Today: If It Isn’t Love, by New Edition