Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cancer, It's your birthday!

July 20 is International Donna Appreciation Day, known in Canada as the Lady's Bday. When I was young, I remember around this time, my parents almost forgetting that next week was the baby's birthday would tell me to make a list of all of the stuff I wanted. So me and my big sis (shout outs to Dawn, buck, buck!) would get together on birthday eve x8 and develop a list to both of our benefits.

My sister, whose birthday is in August, share a dilemma that many a summer baby suffers. It's called Birthdayus Forgetitis. People have always, many consistently, forgotten my birthday, even after talking to me on my birthday, me sulking that no one ever remembers me. "Of course we remember you and love you," many an aunt, friend, ect. has said to me in the past. I even had a friend that kicked it hard with me last year on my birthday ask me frequently, "Now, when is your birthday?" "You don't remember," I'd ask. "Ummm, no...did I see you on your birthday last year?"

I can't help it that my parents were winter cozies, causing me to have empty parties, silent phones and an attitude like a muthafucka every July 20. With pins on my shirt, coworkers have asked me, "Do you need help with that, I think the pins supposed to go ont he inside." It's all in vain, that's what the Bible says.

So I am compiling a list of the things I want, not because I want ANY of your cyber heads to get me anything. That would probably freak me out more than excite me. But because I was reading this list to a friend yesterday, and he thought it was funny, so maybe you will too.

  1. Swiffer WetJet: Because this thing is expensive, yet handy and I want one. My best P Tosh (big up to P Tosh, buck, buck!) wants one too. I might let her borrow mine...
  2. MAC Lip____(fill in the blank) :I can only use MAC Lipstuff, because my lips itch without it. I am a lipgloss nut and any color will do for me. Anybody that knows me knows the minute I start feeling my lip, the tube with the black top comes out.
  3. Pedicure: I'm all about saving money with at-home treatments, but at least once in the summer, a girl needs to have opposing hands scrubbing on her footsies.
  4. A vacation dammit!: Now I was just on a fabulous little excursion to Virginia Beach last month, and it was lovely. But that was the first time I had been out of the state since the 90s. So I need another vacation. I want to go back to VA, but also need to see Chicago again, Atlanta, Boston and D.C.

The maintenance alone on being a PoweR Girl will kill one's wallet, so hopefully those that have been appointed will make do with some gifts. Or at least call a sista with a happy birthday. It doesn't have to be Stevie Wonder, black history style either.


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous dawn1 said...

You know Big Sis got the MAC on LIZZOCK! Lets go get made over @ Nordstroms!

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