Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This Weekend

  • My friend and former co-worker Akilah Wallace is going to be on The Look For Less, a show on the E! Style Network, on Sunday, July 10 at 8 p.m. She would wait until I LEAVE the Post to get some national attention, damn!
  • One of my favorite deejays in Columbus, DJ O-Sharp will be burning the boards at the Anger Management Tour After Party at the Standard Lounge, Friday, July 8...regular club hours I presume. **UPDATE** This will also be a farewell party for Fresh Friday nights at the Opium! I am so sad! Well, maybe not THAT sad (more on that later....)
  • I may be going to Pennsylvania with my homegirl Cinnamon (yes, that's her real name) for her family reunion. I know it's some obscure part of the state, because she has yet to name the city we're visit. "Just make sure to bring some OFF," was all she told me.
  • If I am in town, I will definelty be hitting up the North Market Food and Wine Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Now I just gotta practice my spitting technique...
  • I really love this club on Saturdays, though Columbus is warming up to it slowly. Shout outs to the fabulous DJ Ororo, who did the illest house mix of Donnie McClurkin's "We Fall Down." Gotta love it!

What else is going on?


At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Dawn1 said...

The Indiana Black Expo is going on the weekend of the 15th

There's also a Biker Show in Detroit, & baseballs ( I know its wack ) all -star game is up there, so that might b crackin.

At 1:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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