Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Free At Last!!!

Well if you haven’t already heard, Free and AJ were officially Donald Trumped from 106 & Park last week. After five years of hosting the ghetto TRL, someone at BET (who should receive a gabillion dollar bonus) decided to go in another direction with the show.

More that 1,900 people have signed an online petition asking BET to rehire the duo, claiming that their…charisma…made the show what it is.

I’m sorry, well you know what, I’m not sorry. I am glad AJ and Free were fired from BET. Why do people feel so bad for them? As a reporter, it would make me cringe to hear them awkwardly grapple through high profile interviews. The shit I’ve seen reporters trample people for. Hopefully BET is deciding to turn itself around to a channel actually providing black entertainment, and not just hookin’ up people with gigs (the “Caribbean” chick Rachel, Ray J, Amerie, Young Sir, ect.)

Why were AJ and Free fired? Let me count the ways...

1. They are old. They are old. It’s true. A show marketed toward 12-21 year-olds was being helmed by Baby Boomers. Don’t believe me? It was revealed in King Magazine that Free is 37-years-old. Trying to beat of Pretty Ricky for Best New Artist of the Year. Trying to stand on her tippy toes and be taller that Lil’ Bow Wow. Trying to throw her ass around in teeny bopper jeans. Get a suit nigga, button up!

AJ owns the Cheetah Nightclub in New York and a public relations consulting firm. Trust me, this guy isn’t hurting for cash…and he’s no spring chicken.

2. They aren’t talented. Free develops most her line of questioning from song titles. She asked Omarion where he wanted to be touched. I was embarrassed when she asked Gwen Stefani had she ever had plastic surgery. She can’t rap, either (I don't expect to hear 37-year-olds on The Whisper Song remix, damn!) AJ, well, he knows a lot of people. He’s always bigin’ up some video producer or obscure artist. But he doesn’t interview well. That show has probably seen more awkward pauses than Ashlee Simpson on a world tour.

3. They are inappropriate for youth. I don’t know how many shows featured AJ making overt sexual comments to Free, or other female guests. Or shows when the guests made comments to (not about) Free’s badunk. I mean, the damn videos are enough, we don’t need the live action sex talk in front of the kids.

4. AJ is just not camera-ready. OK, we all know he looks like Predator from Antigua, but it’s much more than that. Clothes look awkward on him, he uncomfortably towers over guests and little girls in the audience.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with my outright hating against girls with big booties, but I also think that black artists deserve a better venue to promote their stuff. Carson Daly was no Peter Jennings, but he was a music lover and a conversationalist. I’m sure Free and AJ will find more work. With Mo’nique on maternity leave, I’m sure they’ll be an opening on Apollo soon.


At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

D@mn Donna, that was harsh! I don't think their age has an effect on their ability to host the show. I think THE SHOW and the VIDEOS in general are WAY too grown & sexy <----my favorite line for the 12-21 age group.

You were right on about EVERYTHING else though!

I'm loving the blog D....carry on! :)

At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Twobuzy2 said...

Well, I sure am glad they're gone!

Talk about no sense of style. How can you be on TV everyday and look like that?

I kept hearing that Free dressed cute and she had a real sense of style, sure only if she was a live mannequin in the window of the Ohio Thrift Store. Her fits looked thrown together, literally! I know I shouldn't be so hard on her, but since I am accustom to that sexy chic look, I just wasn't feeling her wardrobe at all.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Dawn1demarco said...

Now that I know Free is 37, she REALLY has no excuse 4 the poor fashion style she has!!! I mean 106 has been on 4 5 years & she just NOW started lookin decent! I think they r a tad awkward, but I feel bad 4 the people that really like them. I hope BET doesnt replace them with somebody like Mad Linx, cuz he's MURDERED rap city, & not n the good "rap" way of murdering it! lol...
Linx must b somebody's cousin or nephew that just got outta school & needs a job..where's the petitions 2 get HIM off BET?

At 11:02 AM, Blogger P Tosh said...

All ya are crazy!! lol

At 11:03 AM, Blogger P Tosh said...

ya all are crazy!!

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