Monday, August 01, 2005

Hustle & No (A Reply)

For today's post I tapped a deejay that saved my life the other night (good looking out on the Organix!) DJ Krate Digga, who seen Hustle & Flow and thought it was wack. After I seen the movie, I tried to convince him that it was representative of hip hop in a way that no other movie had been to Southern music. Below he outlines how he thought I was full of it...

WARNING: The following is somewhat of a rambling w/ coherent ideas/thoughts.....get some tweezers to separate the salt from the pepper...

After having spoke last Friday...I owe u my opinion..however undeveloped it may be @ this time. Having watched H&F...more so listened to the movie, bootleggin needs 2 catch up 2 the innovations of 2005 piracy capabilities...I'm still not impressed and still not feeling that I OWE or GOTTA respect the south in terms of hip hop...I just didn't get it....they didn't fool me with the GW Bush way of logic and deductive reasoning...Yeah Djay was a pimp, faced with different obstacles...maybe he was more as a person than just a pimp...yeah he was a father figure...big bro...whatever else u wanna use to poetically describe his relationship w/ his 3 "employees"...What did any of that have 2 do with hip hop?

Yeah hip hop is derived from the blues BUT the way it was portrayed in the movie as the end all be all of the forerunner 2 hip hop is incorrect, misguiding, and plain old uneducated. Rap/hip hop draws its identity from many aspects of American, East Indian, and African music and cultural forms...blues being only one of MANY. Yeah DJay was able 2 capture the pulse of the community or the monochromatic radio formula of rap radio...but where does all this lend 2 redefining/defining or reinforcing/regaining a lack of respect 4 southern hip hop?? I'm still lost.

Unless I missed was his prison stint that gave his music credibilty (read air play legitimacy)...Which kinda leads me to another issue I have with the flick...the underlying aspect that it took or takes WHITE SOUTHERNERS to bring hip hop from "the jungle" to where its understandable or consumable by the masses...The white boy from church who was the actual producer not Anthony Anderson's character, gave DJay the tracks that allowed his voice 2 be heard...Djay had access and bought according 2 the movie 2 keyboards, and was producing himself in the beginning...y not show the progression of him as a rapper/producer? And when he got locked up, it was his White girl of all the characters that supported him seemed 2 be the one who was given credit 4 his rise to "stardom."

I ask WHAT? AND Y does hip hop's negative persona trump all as if its the devil??? It was like a supersized rendition of the Portrait of Dorrian Gray.... The church touched DJay on the inside somehow (had him crying and shit) but once all were deep into hip hop...ALL were smokin, cussin, etc...all the church influences were overshadowed or lost as if relenquished in a deal with the devil ( read hip hop success). Peace&Love.One.

--Krate Digga of SoundChampz


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