Monday, August 22, 2005

My Ambitions As A Writer

Life has indeed turned out to be a lot different than what I expected. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a writer. When I was in high school, I was focused on exploring all the ways I would be able to make lemonade with all the lemons of poetry and creativity. Luckily, I fell upon a new major at Wright State University called English and Professional Writing, which was a mish-mash of literature, communications, graphic design and all types of writing. So being able to earn a living while staying true to my calling has been a blessing.

And that is what I must remember during this time right now where I have no idea where I’ll be in the next six months. I have no definite plan to increase my writing exposure (besides this blog) and make some extra doe. My mom told me to write out my goals, even if they are incomplete and that will give me some direction. So far, this is what I want to do in the next six months.

Buy a guitar and learn a couple chords. So I want to expand my writing ability a little bit, and everybody that knows me knows I’ve been trying to dabble in songwriting for about a year now. So with three songs under my belt, and the thumbs up from some dope songwriters I know, I think it’s time for me to start piecing this songwriting thing together. I can’t sing, I don’t know anything about melody and shit. But I can write…and my songwriting coach says that’s the hardest part. So guitar, here I come!

Find a steady writing gig. So, the freelancing thing with the Columbus Post didn’t work quite the way I wanted to. And other area publications haven’t been too receptive to my “urban culture critic” pitch. I think it’s important that the media recognize that the urban segment of their population is looking for a voice…this segment also have money to spend and spectacular taste. Exploring that taste and motivation is what I do best. So trying to find a way to keep my name out there has been quite a challenge. I have been actively working to keep my clips circulated, and a non-paying stint with doesn’t hurt. But getting paid would hurt a loss less.

Read one non-school book a week. Well, I borrowed that line from Clueless, one of my most favoritist movies ever. But even Cher and Dion had time to read a book for their entertainment, personal education and development a week; surely I do too. So my first book will be Babylon Sisters, by Pearl Cleage. That is, after I pay off my library fine. Until then, I will read Soul City, by Toure from my own collection.

Exercise regularly. So, I just seen Crash this weekend, and if you have a panic disorder, make sure to take your medicine before sitting down for this one! I was so freaked out by the father with the prostate disorder, I made the decision that I have to stay healthy! Now, I’m not a man and have no prostate, but too much stuff runs in my family to be sick. I don’t do sick well anyways. I think a cold is going to kill me. So in order to avoid all that distress, I’m going to start exercising.

Keep my plants alive. So I have four plants in my office and three at my house. And they’ve all been alive for months (excluding the three that I killed). So as long as I avoid all of the things I did to kill the other ones, I should be able to keep these babies alive for the next six months. I just want to be able to pass them on to my kids when I’m older, the way my mom snipped my off a piece of her plants. Who knows? In six months this urbanista might even graduate to a fish, or a puppy or something.

Step up my technology game. I don’t have an iPod, or a Tivo and my home computer is practically operating with DOS. So I have been frequenting the Apple computer website, courting the idea of going totally Macadocious. After months of wresting between a PC and a Mac, I have decided to go with the Mac Mini, and shit, might as well through in an iPod while I’m at it. And I so need a Tivo…if I have to leave one more happy hour to catch Girlfriends or Good Times, I’m gonna flip!

Of course, this is all dependent on how much dinero my writing can pull in. I have a full time job and all, but I’m used to hustling and having money on the side. I also feel in some Kanye West sort of way that the urban culture needs to hear my voice. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


At 2:42 PM, Anonymous belladawn said...

As focused & as wonderful young lady u r u will b fine. U will accomplish things beyond what u dream now. Just maintain ur focus, & ur networking. I think all of us feel a lil lost sometimes. Whatever i can do 4u, let me know. Maybe i'll get a guitar & we'll play 2gether!!!

At 3:17 PM, Blogger Funky D said...

"Read one non-school book a week. Well, I borrowed that line from Clueless, one of my most favoritist movies ever."

You and my sisters. I've seen it a bunch of times unintentionally, and it's not bad.

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Twobuzy2 said...

The best is yet to come...that's one sermon my pastor preached about that I will never forget.

Just remain focused on your goals and you are bound to reach the plateau that most of us are striving for-where you can sit back, reflect on your life and feel complete inside and out.

At 11:20 PM, Blogger Midlife Crisis said...

Cool. You're an adventuress!!! Definitely Inspiring!

I tried that songwriting thing for a minute and I had no idea--it truly is hard!! I thought I would knock that shit out. I sucked!

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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