Thursday, August 11, 2005

This Weekend

I was laid up not feeling well for the past couple days, and damn I missed the ghetto! Though I made it back to work (despite a five hour SpongeBob binge yesterday)I won't be out and about this weekend. However, I will provide some things for you urbanistas to participate in, as I will be waiting on reports on how much fun you all had. I'm really bitter about the two for one drinks at the Cove yesterday, but the scene never goes away, just the people. Check out photos at The Urban Starr...thanks for having so much fun without me guys!


There are several places with a Ladies' Night tonight...for some reason I'm not too big on Thursday kickin it. Even though my weekends start on Wednesdays (almost Tuesday, thanks to Ed Mabrey's new poetry night) it seems like the only people out real late on Thursdays are the ones I don't think have offense to the second-shifters and 10-hour, four day a week workers.


I haven't been to the Opium in a while, but I hear their Free Fridays is shaping up to be a pretty hot night. The risk is minimal, and even if folks aren't there, the lounge is such a nice spot.

If it's too cold in the Opium, you can always high tail it over to the Cove.

Of course, if you are old school, you will be at the United We Funk Show at the Ohio State Fair featuring the SOS Band, Con Funk Shun and the Dazz Band. It's free with the cost of fair admission and I'm sure it'll be funky as a skunk down there I'm sure.

My girl Nia Allen will be performing live at New Covenant Believer's Church...along with one of the hottest "neo-soul" like gospel artists named Timbo in a free concert starting at 7 p.m. This is just one event in a hip hop oriented weekend. For more info, visit NCBC's website.


If you can afford it, you should definately check out DC3 in their farewell concert tour coming to the Nationwide Arena. Regardless of what Destiny's Child may be now, their early shit shaped my early feminist views. Damn, this is one of those shows that make me want to hadn and kneee it to my old employer!

The Cove is always free, maybe one of the hot deejays will play a dance mix of your favorite DC3 jams, back when they were DC4.


DJ Krate Digga will be ushering in the reinacrnation of the Brownstone's Mahogany Soul with the final Nu Soul Radio, Vol. 7 CD. The CD is an interesting blend of danceable, old school and cutting edge new soul (hence the name). Krate is a careful curveyor of music, as he pays homage to the late, beautiful Luther Vandross with "Searchin,'" which is also mixed with Eric Roberson's "Don't Change For Me." And whether you feel he's guilty or not, a healthy dose of old school Michael Jackson (with "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough") will have you dancing the night away. The mix also features a dope rap/ singing combination with Raheem Devaughn and Roberson, and a song I just discovered maybe a month ago called "Rocket Love" by Stevie Wonder...shout outs to Krate for the That's So Raven sixth sense. You should buy this mix because, #1 it's homegrown, #2 it's just as hot as something you can get from any NY DJ and #3 Krate continually reinvents his music taste and shows the similarity and danceablity to a whole host of music. Like I said, it will be on sale at this Sunday's installment of Mahogany's Soul. And when you buy it, make sure you question him on the relevancy of soul music in today's Tip Drill culture...I know I always do.

Hopefully I will feel better enough to sit and chill at one of the many places to be this weekend...hope to see you out and about!


At 9:50 PM, Anonymous dawn1demarco said...

Thats whats up Donna!
i hope i get 2 c dc 4 my birthday party!

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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