Monday, August 15, 2005

To and From the Asian Wok

So I just had lunch with my friend Cinnamon, since I had been out of commission so long, she wanted to make sure I was still alive, with all my limbs and all. Today is a kind of cool and dreary day in Columbus, which has me thinking about fall clothes and over-the-knee black boots among other things...

How do Chinese food places get away with serving people eight different varieties of chicken? Cinnamon and I, between the two of us, had chicken wings, General Tso's chicken (who is General Tso anyway and why is he synonymous with chicken? Was he in the same batillion with Colonel Saunders?) chicken and broccoli, honey chicken and sweet and sour chicken. And we probably left other chickens at the buffet. Is it that chicken variety is the spice of life...or do I really need to get back on my wanting to be a vegetarian kick?

Why do people of color have to work so hard to assimilate into white culture? I read this article in USA Today about marketing to black consumers. Tom Joyner told this reporter 80 different ways that black people ain't like white people. And it's damn near front page news! Is that new to you, white people? Most importantly, he says using hip hop to market stuff is no longer a black's a pop culture thing (stop, think about it).

What happen to the division of grown folks music and kids' music? When I was coming up, in the 80s, I didn't listen to a lot of music. I can remember seeing videos on Video Soul, but there was this genre of music, grown folks music, that I wasn't privied to. I never really heard Luther, Marvin Gaye and some other sexually explict music until the 90s or so, when people stop making music for older audiences. Now people like Ron Isley, whose music used to be in my parents' bedroom, is in my little cousin's CD player. That's just not right!

My parents read my blog. And I don't know how to handle that. My content is not as risque as other bloggers, but now they get to see what I think about and do outside of being their little girl. That's crazy! So as out and about as I like to be, I try to stay discreet about what happends after the after party (just playing Daddy!)...

Why is that when a man moves in with a woman, his friends don't bombard him with questions about his life, his goals and selling the milk and not the cow. Do men ever have these conversations with one and another? I've done a lot of horrible things in my life, and one of the least horrible would be living with somebody I'm not married to. But it's such a big deal to women...I wonder why. Well, we've all had friends that were mollywopped by some lazy negro, I guess that's why. But in 2005, I don't think this is a big deal anymore. Ladies, you're gonna give away the milk before the cow regarldess if you live together or not. Do you really want him driving everyday to pick it up?

And just to close out that last wonder why women talk so much. Well, we have to explain so much to so many people. Women expect other women to draw out a strategic marketing plan for every decision they make. Being spontaneous and a woman is like being in Columbus and not knowing what a Buckeye is. You might get your ass kicked! Example:

Donna: I think I'm gonna go to the club tonight.

Donna's girl friend: Would you rather go to the movies or bowling or something?

Donna: No, there's some people I haven't seen in a while I need to catch up with.

Donna's girl friend: Would you rather come over and have girl time?

Donna: No, there's some people I haven't seen in a while I need to catch up with.

Donna's girl friend: Girl, I hate people in the club, don't you?

Donna: No, there's some people I haven't seen in a while I need to catch up with.

Same conversation with Donna's boy friends.

Donna's boy friend 1: Hey nig, I think Imma go to the club tonight.

Donna's boy friend 2: Alright nig, be safe.

Ladies, take note. Don't interrogate your homegirls like you just found blood in their Bronco. That's not cool.


At 4:03 PM, Anonymous DawnDiva said...

things that make u go
did colonel sanders & general tso fight in "war sui gui?" LOL

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