Thursday, August 18, 2005

What A Girl Wants

Even though I'm 24-years-old, I've probably done more "interviewing" when it comes to men than women double my age. I know what I want. Not to say I haven't made some bad decisions in the past. Well, I wouldn't say decisions more like...well, I have weaknesses okay (sweating profusely)! And as confession is good for the soul, letting go of those past desires will undoubtedly move me a rung up on the ladder of nirvana. So exposing my weaknesses when it comes to the opposite sex is a way for me to seek the things I need instead of the things I want.

I have a friend that says in relationships you have to choose between being moral (not cheating) and having fun (cheating). Isn't there a way to have both?

I Could Never Say No To (But I'm Working On It)

1. Crazy Hair
I love men with hair. Locks, braids, afros, perms, weave...well maybe not the last two. But Snoop had me at "what the dizzle" a couple times. There is sumthin about a man whose hair is long and crazy that is just the most attractive thing. When I am out and about, the first thing I do is automatically separate the men with hair from the men with fades, bald heads, ect. I must have been muy machismo in a past life...there sumthin about all that hair in my face...
(See: Lenny Kravitz, D'Angelo (before the flip out), Eric Benet (even though he's a cheater...see how they get me in trouble!))

2. Brown skin
Up against my brown skin...I am brown myself, and anything my hue or darker is beautiful in my eyes. Now, for those who know me, they know I went through a light skinned men phase for a good three years. My last serious boyfriend was melon yellow. But it seems that light skinned men always like me, and I always like brown brothers.
(See: Usher, Tyrese)

3. Artists
Painters, photographers, musicians, popsicle-stick designers. All have been a part of my portfolio. Being sumbody's temporary muse, and writing through summers about a creative guy has always been a weakness of mine. If I am booed up, it will undoubtedly be with some renaissance man, at some art gallery or poetry spot looking like Darius and Nina. But the spontaneity, intensity and creativity is also attractive to other chicks, and I subscribe to the rules of hood kindergarten: there ain't enough chalk for us to share.
(See: John Mayer, Pharrell, Common)

4. Boys that dress funny
I used to date this guy in college who had a karate getup to class, complete with the Timbs...and I though it was so hot. There is this guy I'm crushing on now that had the audacity to wear a shirt with a naked chick on it to Bob Evans...and ask me to stop cussing because there were kids at the next table! I like the knickers, and ascots to match the socks. It's so hot to me.
(See: Andre 3000)

5. Facial hair
What else are you to play with during idle moments? Eyebrows are so important to me...I don't know why. My sister and I have the same weakness. A set of full black eyebrows, especially if you can raise one like The Roc, can make me move like my ass was on fire. Scruffy beards are cool, as long as it doesn't become borderline Unabomber-ish.
(See: Morris Chestnut, Shemar Moore)

6. A certain je ne sais quoi
Ladies, you know what it is...but you just can't put your finger on it. He may not even fit into your norm, but it's sumthin about this guy that just has it all. The meat, potatoes, turkey sausage and all! This is the kind of man that can turn a housewife into a hoe...if you ain't careful!
(See: Terrence Howard)

7. A sense of humor
You have to make me laugh. Not in a Kings Of Comedy kind of way. But a milk out my nose, run to the bathroom, pre-9/11 kind of way that is almost embarrassing. I'm a deep person, and if you can't bring me out of it sometimes, we'll both be wallowing in it.
(See: SpongeBob SquarePants, Chris Rock)

I like boys, boys, boys, boys, boys all over the globe! My problem is that I've been settle for one or two of these things, and not the complete package. And without them all, it becomes a weakness. If this describes you, and you're not, of course, a cartoon character...then you might become the inspiration to my next blog rant. What an honor, huh!


At 10:11 AM, Anonymous dawndiva said...

terrance howard is a very cute dude...


At 10:17 AM, Blogger DM said...

David Beckham is a little too put together for me. You have to be an excpetional white man for me to take notice, also.

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous dawndiva said...

donna u forgot!!

how many women love those gangsta boys..(not me) but how many of u ladies have heard ur friends talk about how googly eyed they get over

1. Tupac- Thug love!
2. 50 cent- Mr "Magic"
3. Ice Cube- i guess it was a good day 4real?
4. Juvenile- Ha?
5. The Game-This is how we WONT do..

At 11:17 AM, Blogger P Tosh said...

A popsicle stick artist??

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Topic!

I'm so confused...I know who I want as well; however, who I want is never the person that I end up with. I want a educated, goal-orientated, sensitive, god-fearing, sexy ebony man with a sense of humor, but I end up with drug dealers and ex-pimps, who are ghetto stricken, uneducated, lazy, and abusive. What am I doing wrong? HELP!!!!!

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Midlife Crisis said...

> have to choose between being moral (not cheating) and having fun (cheating). Isn't there a way to have both?

Donna! Of course, Silly! (obligatory head-tilt) Just do what the men do...get married.

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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