Wednesday, September 14, 2005

You Still Do/Think That?

In 2005, I can’t believe:

White people don’t know who Teena Marie is. I’ve had two white people (considering that’s all I work with) walk by my office today, asking me who I am listening to. Now when John Mayer, Dido or Hall and Oats are blasting on my computer, they always bust a little jig when walking by my office. But they don’t know Teena Marie? Is she not up there with some of the best blue-eyed soul singers ever?

Americans are still racist. Being racist is so 20th century. Afte a lengthy email discussion with some friends over black people and marriage, I’ve realized that I am missing out on so many friends and experiences because I want to “keep it in the family.” There is so much time and energy in this country put toward being racist, upholding racist values and attempting to seem that you aren’t racist when you really are. If we didn’t have race problems to talk about, think of how much work our government would have to do.

People still make music about being on drugs. Getting high and being drunk is not a new experience or phenomenon. People who are neophytes at drinking and smoking always think they get higher and drunker than anybody else has. In the history of the world. I guess that’s why the cycle continues.

  • Mr. T has a reality show coming out. Is it really reality when celebrities, who are trained to be performers, show off their plastic lives? Not to take anything away from Mr. T, I mean if Hulk Hogan can have a reality show, then why not him? That was probably his pitch to the producers…

People hold celebrities at a higher standard than public officials. When President Bush takes responsibility for the piss poor conditions in the Gulf area after Hurricane Katrina, even though he dodges questions about a real action plan for urban renewal, no one seems to be outraged. When it took the government days (which is a long time in sweltering, stinky conditions) to send real aid to the victims, people deride activists who called the government out. Yet, I’ve heard people say they were disappointed at Diddy and Jay-Z for giving only one million dollars to charities for aid. What do you expect from a population of artists? From the people that buy their music, at most they receive one dollar of the profits. However we involuntarily give at least 20 percent of our pay to the government. Those muthaphucas should be tap dancing for us!

Black artists are supporting each other socially, politically and financially. Big ups to all of their black artists who are speaking their minds concerning the social conditions they see. Big ups to all of the artists, like Usher, who recognize the plot of the media to pit them against each other. People said that the hip hop political movement was dead after Public Enemy and was a fad around the 2004 Election. When Diddy said ‘Vote or Die’ I’m sure he wasn’t thinking of immediate consequences like the September 11, 2001 and Hurricane Katrina. But damn if it doesn’t fit the circumstances.

Hollywood is still making dumb ass, presumptuous, racist movies. Like “The Man featuring Samuel L. Jackson as “an untrusting, street savvy agent from Detroit,” according to Who wants to see this Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop throwback? This from the guy that said he would never do a film with a rapper, right?

I’ve never been west of the Mississippi River. I’ve never been to Atlanta, New York, Houston or any other mecca of blackness. I’m going to Chicago on Thursday, but I haven’t been there since before I was a teenager. Don’t blame me for actually studying in college…well for the last two years, and not blowing my doe on frivolous trips (alcohol was my choice bitch in those days).


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Midlife Crisis said...

That whole white folks not knowing Teena Marie thing is just plain wrong. That woman is an icon, dammit!!
Portugese Love? Are you kidding? I almost lost my virginity to that song! Of course, it still remains a favorite--unlike that piece of drivel that was playing when I actually did finally give it up. Okay, am I getting too personal here?

At 3:23 PM, Anonymous belladawn said...

i love teena marie! portguese love, FIRE & DESIRE! WHAT?

but yeah.. when r people gonna hold laura bush accountable 4 sayin a shelter in a foreign city after a NATIONAL DISASTER is better than bein at home!?

At 6:26 AM, Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

Hi Donna, I had a question for you about the article you mentioned on Midlife's blog--the one about women being ready to walk away. Can you tell me where you read that? I'd like to read it too.

Sadly, I don't know who Teena Marie is either. But I'll go look her up.

At 7:13 AM, Blogger Byebye said...

Teena Marie is one of the "sanginest" white girls to ever grace the mic. She killed it with Rick James in "Fire and Desire" and the tracks you mentioned. There are plenty more hits though. And her newest LP is the the shizznit too.

I feel you Donna, on the traveling thing. My travels came when I was in the upward bound program the summer after the 11th grade. I went to NY(Broadway), Delaware, MD, Atlanta, DC...basically the east coast. I attended college in my homestate (uva) and I was unable to do the frivolous trips like some of my peers. I am glad that my experience was different though, I'm not spoiled. My monies went to herb, alcohol, and

At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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