Wednesday, September 21, 2005

You Won't See Me Tonight, You Won't See Me Tommorrow

Fall television is back, finally there’s a reason to stay at home and relax. Being a woman about the town is fun and all, but it’s expensive (those cosmos don’t buy themselves) and a sista gets a little tired. The UPN and WB station are definitely making a comeup on the shows marketed to black folks. Here are just a few shows that I look forward to:

Because of my new obsession with this show, and how it so closely parallels my life, I am kicking myself for missing the season premiere on Monday. But thanks to my personal Joan Clayton (thanks Rhyan!) I was filled in on what happened. Hopefully the girls will ease up on the bed hopping, and the show will stay realistic and fresh.

America’s Next Top Model
Because Tyra Banks is one of my idols; she’s beautiful, smart and charismatic. She is doing her thing Martha Stewart-style with a talk show and reality TV series at the same time. Despite how catty and superficial the contestants seem to be ANTM is every girl’s fantasy…makeup, fierce clothes, world wind locations, and some of the best weave I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t look for me out on a Wednesday night for the rest of the season!

Making the Band 3
Even though Puffy crossed the reality show line with me one too many times, I can’t help but to watch this train wreck, marketing fiasco gone wrong. Puff’s over dependence on his Midas touch is wearing thin, but this show is hilariously tragic and I love it.

Everybody Hates Chris
Because it’s about time that Chris Rock made it to the primetime. Chris Rock is the funniest comedian cracking jokes and this innovative, urban Wonder Years-type show is sure to be funny as hell. Welcome back Tichina “Pam” Arnold to television. Don’t sleep on her comic timing!

My Super Sweet 16
Because watching spoiled ass kids of all races, creeds and colors is entertaining, especially as their parents reel at the future coke heads they can barely handle. An expose on how people bring their kids up in this plastic society, I won’t miss one episode.

The Simpsons
Because everybody’s favorite yellow American family is still funny as shit after 16 years on the air. Homer is such a good mix of black people and white people ignorance that it doesn’t matter what color they are.

Desperate Housewives
Because everybody watches this show, and I’m tired of being left out at work! I have to talk to white women about something…right?

For more info on new shows, check out this site.


At 9:52 AM, Blogger Recho said...

i used to hate tyra banks... but now i like the way she is so unabashedly lunatic... :) she has endeared herself to me in a manner of speaking

At 1:29 PM, Anonymous belladawn said...

i LOVE tyra! her talk show is so good. yesterday she had some dr. on there 2 prove her breasts were real! my big breast girls feel me on everybody thinkin they got implants!

I thought i was the only 1 missin out on the desperate housewives thing?!

At 9:36 AM, Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

Also, if you get the chance check out a show called "They call me earl" on NBC. I know you wull like

Great post and great blog by the way.

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