Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm Sick!

I left work yesterday feeling like somebody had beat me with a five pound bag of potatoes, but that was nothing compared to how i felt waking up this morning. At 7a.m., my head was so heavy and my throat was so sore, I felt like I was on crack or something...but this was the flu!

I never had the flu before. So feeling like a had ran a marathon and I've been in the bed all damn day was new to me. I didn't go to work today, so I was a little excited that I cold catch Tyra Banks' talk show, some Oprah and whatever else is on when I'm putting in hours for the man. Well, it's about 8p.m. in Columbus, and I'm finally feeling rested enough to be out the bed. A nigga been sleep all day!

I burnt myself twice today...once trying to see how hot my chicken noodle soup was after pouring it out of the pan. My tongue was singed! Then, after sticking my finger in some mashed potatoes I just took out of the microwave. Then I put my finger in my mouth...so I have a burnt finger, lip and tongue.

Fortunately I am feeling better...by the way some of the nastiest shit comes up when you do a Google search for sick people. I haven't really thought about much today because I've been drugged all day. So tommorrow my gears will be griding and I'll have more blog fodder for you guys!


At 10:31 AM, Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

that flu is not funny. It is so underrated but when you get it, you actually consider the fact that it very well could kill you. Feel better soon.

Sounds like you need to cut back on the drugs--burning yourself like you were.

How was Tyra?


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