Wednesday, October 26, 2005

She Wants to Move

So I’ve complained about getting nowhere fast with this writing thing, and things have been slow to take off. When I was on staff at a newspaper, everything moved so fast, everything and everybody were so accessible. When I went to press conferences, I was greeted openly by PR people and was always at the front of the line. I know my friends were happy to benefit from the multiple free tickets I received for concerts, events…free CDs, all kinds of shit. It was great.

But I hated being on staff. I hated having to punch a clock. Because, as well all know, news happens at any time. I hated having to waste hours at a desk, knowing I would be out all night covering shit. I hated office politics. I hated dress codes. And I left the job to pursue PR (just a little background for those new to the blog).

So, now that my experience has caught up with my education, it’s time to expand this freelancing thing. Freelancing is really taking a toll on my self-esteem, because I don’t get shit anymore! Now, for AllHipHop, it’s crazy the amount of parties and CD release parties I get invited too…but I don’t live in New York and don’t see myself moving there anytime soon. So I foot around Columbus, trying to stress the importance of culturally sensitive entertainment and arts writing to the local papers, to no avail. I am doing a dope feature on the Columbus/Pittsburgh duo Lone Catalysts that AllHipHop seems to be really excited about. And I’ve pitched this story to local press and haven’t heard anything back from them. So ultimately it comes down to: should I keep trying…or should I move. Who knows what to do?

At my current job, everyone here seems busy as hell…but me. I’m starting to take it personal. I want to move like the chick in the NERD song. But what options do I have?

Philly is close to New York and the bustling DC area. There are plenty of artists and entertainers around…it’s not too far from Columbus and not too close to craziness. I don’t know much about the writer’s market there, so it’s worth exploring. I hear this city is really dirty though…any views?

Now, that’s my shit. Chicago is as urban as all get out. Everything about it is city…and I love that. The people look fly, even the advertising around the city is glitzy. The publications are hot…but is there room for me? And how many entertainers are actually based there? Not many…

New York
NY is scary, but necessary. Eventually, hopefully soon, but not now.

Down South
Haven’t decided on a specific place, though I’ve always seen myself as an up north/east coast girl. But landing a nightlife beat in a prominent southern city like Atlanta, Houston, Miami or even in a tourist town like Virginia Beach could put me on the map. This is a plausible option I have to look into.

West side
Only thing out west worth mentioning is Los Angeles…which may be another necessary place to be I’m not ready for…

Fuck leaving!
I haven’t exhausted all of my possibilities in Columbus just yet…I may be going down with this shit, but I feel this city needs some hot reviews that will put it on the map. There are magazines, online publications and still the local scene that I can penetrate, if I stay persistent. Writing online is an option I must fully look into ASAP, and after looking at all the sites for Columbus entertainment and nightlife...these muthaphuckers need somebody like me. Plus, if I can’t handle rejection in Columbus, I damn sure can’t handle it anywhere else.

Song of the day: Allure by Jay-Z (why does everything that’s so bad, make me feel so good?)

Mood: Motivated, but scared

My Hair: Is twisted and braided and I made a sacred vow that I would not wear it in a fro until January...but I miss my fro! If you're out this weekend, you'll see it!


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anita said...

Oohhh Donna! I feel your pain. As an actor, vocalist, and writer, I struggle in this city to create and/or find enough outlets to feed my soul and keep me sane. Girl, I've been debating the next move thing for a few years now and several "life situations" have kept me here. Right now, it's my 18-month-old dd, who I refuse to take anywhere else until she's old enough to be out of child care and able to tell me everything that goes on while she's away from me. (There are craaaazy people in this world who like to hurt children.)

I've been thinking about the move thing a lot lately, because just like you, I'm doing PR to pay some bills. I can't stand my job, though (these people are truly craaazy), so I'm putting some things together so I can get to doin' what I love and stop wasting time being somewhere I don't want to be. Since I'm choosing to stay here for now with baby girl, I'm focusing again on all the opportunities right here, right now.

This includes revisiting old options, discovering new ones and creating some sh*t out of thin air -- whatever I have to do to do my thing. I may even have to hire you to do some PR for me or write a few articles about just how FAABULOUS my sh*t is. :-) I just know that no matter what, I've got to do me. Cuz this "day job" bullsh*t ain't happenin'. It's eating up my soul.

I'm glad you're going to stick to doin' you, whether you decide to stay here or not. If you get to the point that you feel you've done all you can in Columbus, then by all means pack up your laptop and head to any one of the major cities in the U.S. with a thriving cultural scene. Most of the ones on your list will do. There are pros and cons whichever way you go. As a former resident of the Chi, that would personally get my vote. And for those of us "artsy types" (smile), it is considered to be the best "middle" or "transitional" step between our home cities and NY or LA. And besides, Chi is just plain off the hook. I looooove that place! It is my favorite city. You would have plenty to write about and see and do. May you choose the path that gives you peace...

Peace, Love, Joy & Blessings


At 2:59 PM, Blogger DM said...

Anita, you need to go ahead and start've got a lot of insight and lots to say!

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Anita said...

I know girl. I've just got to get off my a** and do it! Actually, I guess that would be get on my a** and do it. :-) I have a spot here on blogspot and one @ myspace. Look for me soon!


p.s. I told you I read your sh*t. :-)

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous belladawn said...

all i have 2 say is when ur ready 2 move, ur sister is goin 2! im sick of punchin a clock & office politics 2! i have tried 2 stay out the way because this job is stressin me out so bad that im no good 2 nobody right now!

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