Friday, October 28, 2005

This Weekend

Another long weekend for The Pink Ghetto Crew, as Columbus continues to do more and more things for the urban audience. Shout outs to Talisha for introducing me to some fabulous sushi and sake yesterday! As for the rest of the weekend...


Tonight I may go support black cinema, and see G, a modern adaptation of The Great Gatsby featuring Richard T. Jones and Blaire Underwood.

Or I might check out Finesse Fridays at the Continent's Coliseum. I hear the three floors and multiple deejays rock the spot.

Or if you're into the Halloween thing, check out The Urban Trendsetter's Halloween Cabaret. The event is 25 and older (which makes me too young to go anyway) and $10 in advance, $15 at the door. If you want to go, you'll probably need more info, so call the Trendsetter's office at 614-224-4014.

Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets will be dropping some knowledge at the New Harvest Cafe, 1675 Arlington Ave., starting at 9 p.m. This event is most likely free, or no more than $5, so you should mos def come out. If you don't know who the Last Poets are, they are the group featured in Common's The Corner. And are godfathers of hip hop. For more info, call 614-299-1061 and tell Kwodjo that Donna sent you!


Dancer, actor and all around dope brotha Lawrence Lemon will be presenting Dancing Through The Pain at the King Arts Complex, 867 Mt. Vernon Ave. Larry is good at combining spoken word and dance in a truly unique experience. Look out for Sincere, Ed Mabrey, Christina Goins and Matrix on the mic at this one. For more info on this event, call 614-774-8411.

For something more secular, check out Lil Wayne at the Red Zone at 303 S. Front Street, or the Cove with DJ OSharp (and let me know if the bouncers give you a hard time, yo.)


I hear it's my boy Chauncey's bday and he will be slow winding at Little Brothers, 1100 N. High St., to The Flex Crew. So I'll have to put on my flats and get my lover's rock on too...


For those old school Columbus heads who used to do kareoke at the C&S, you know it closed earlier this year, right? Well, Mr. Calvin, the former owner is now serving breakfast at Bread and Better, 443 E. Main St.! Isn't great to see two black and baking folks come together!

Black Pearl Poetry is bringing poet Ursula Rucker (you remember the poet from the Roots CD) to the Brownstone for an exclusive performance...the best thing about it is that admission is only $10! Hurry up and get your tickets at Ed Mabrey's Black Pearl Poetry site. Also on the bill: Middle Child, DJ Krate Digga and a poetry slam.


At 5:08 PM, Blogger Anita said...

Hey Girl!

I was at Little Bros Sunday. Didn't see your face in the place. Did see Chauncey do his thing on stage to celebrate his born day. Are you checkin' out Ursula tonight? If so, I'll see you there.

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