Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend Recap (Part 2)

Saturday night had its highs and lows. Highs because the comedians at the All Stars of Comedy were a lot funnier than I suspected. Lows because of the muthaphuckin bouncers at the Cove, who might dress like professional wrestlers, but they really ain’t shit.

Show Me The Funny

Sommore is funny. Not just funny for a female, or funny for a black person. She is Ellen, Bernie Mac, Chris Rock funny. She is also sexy as hell, I think I have a girl crush on her (sorry Tyra Banks and Beyonce!). She should have shows, movies, the whole-nine. And I respect her for stepping up her comedy game…the Queen of Comedy used to be very raunchy and had a one-track (sex) mind. But now her varied topics that included local Columbus events (how’d she know about the mayor’s wife?), relationships (how lonely bitches are always members of groups and try to get you to join “I don’t have time for that shit, I get dick!”) and Michael Jackson (how everybody is guilty of doing inappropriate things in front of kids)…matter of fact Michael Jackson and ass whoopin’s should have been the title of the show.

Host Anthony Anderson (who yells at people for calling him Anthony Hamilton) cussed out his momma and made his nuts touch the stage between acts. This guy used to be a stripper, which is not that unlikely, because he’s not that big in person…well not as big as he seems on TV.

T.P. Hearns was funny, but it’s easy to see why this fool doesn’t get beyond Comic View. His high energy acts are hard to follow, and he talks so fast that it was hard to get his jokes. But he is funny…in 15-minute spurts. I couldn’t imagine watching more than that much time of him.

Lavelle Crawford is a big, fat, funny muthaphucker! He says that he smokes weed and has food fantasies…and hot Krispie Kremes and soft serve ice cream makes him want to nut on himself…lol. Now that shits funny. He probably had the most original material and best comedic timing. He wasn’t feeling himself…he wasn’t acting too famous…he was just a funny guy.

Columbus native Mark Anthony Thomas did his thing opening for the show. He had people talking all night about his clues for knowing your man is on the DL…and why he ended up with red panties and a cami on at the end of the show, I don’t know. You’ll have to check his next performance for more clarification on that one.

Hit The Bouncer

After Deboing my way out of the long ass line in the parking lot at Vet’s, the crew came to the Cove to start imbibing for the evening. Well, the gat damn bouncers must have had their Red Bull…after standing in line for 10 minutes (in like 45 degree weather, mind you) they separate the men and women, then charge $10 after midnight (and it’s 11:56). Not only were these guys loud, but they were rude as hell to the people in line…the ones paying for their tight ass black shirts. I understand the atmosphere they are trying to create…but it is really unnecessary. Fuck this, let’s go somewhere else.

The crew ends us at M Restaurant, you know the swanky place I had my birthday party. Well, we hung out. Naton and I spent waaay too much money on drinks. Ru didn’t have any girls to holler at, so they parking lot pimped at the Red Zone. My girl Rhyan and I had some fabulous wine with some fabulous boys (shout outs to Sidney and Jesse Gunn).

The verdict

The comedy show was great, and I’m glad Columbus came out in numbers to support it. I love the Cove, ya’ll know that. But the security department over there really needs to improve their attitude. Don’t embarrass other people to make your broke asses look good. The M could be a new spot for the crew…shout outs to DJ James Brown who started out with electronic music, and (maybe) after seeing the melanin rise in the room, played some hip hop.


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Funky D said...

Thanks Donna! I remember some funny-ass standup from Lavell Crawford on Comicview a long time ago, but I never knew what his name was. Your description sounded familiar, and ye olde Google image search confirmed that it was the same guy. I'm now upset that I didn't go to the show. You tried!

At 5:49 PM, Blogger The Urban Author said...

Me, Ray, Ru, and Kat Daddy Slimms were in line for an hour. The bouncer is like, "Who he got with him?" and the other started pointing us out. Nigga, we were the only ones in line by then! They couldn't let the last four muthaphuckas in!? I like the Cove a lot, but at the same time, fuck the Cove.

At 12:01 PM, Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

I thought I had left a comment before. Oh well. I was just glad you gave a review of the Allstars is all.


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