Thursday, November 17, 2005

John Legend: Ordinary Performace

Thanks to my new buddy Chris Rob, who hooked a sista up with All-Access passes to the John Legend concert, I was able to see the Ohio performer in his second show since July at the Lifestyle Communities Pavillion last night.

The show was, meh.

Afterparty one was, meh.

Afterparty two was slightly better only because John Legend showed up and the crew was in the building.

Legend has an amazing effortless voice. And despite his short stature, he commands the audience with his charisma and love for the sounds he produces. But, you know, I just seen this show a couple months ago...the same show. So Legend just didn't seem as into it as the first time. He did introduce a couple new songs, one a jungle, freaky jam about after the club relations and another Ordinary People acoustic twin. This guy could sing about toilet paper and make it sound terrific, so I'm sure he has nothing to worry about. He also brought his brother onto the stage for two songs: one a Jagged Edge party-type anthem and another slow and sexy ditty. Dude's voice was pristine, but he needs to work on stage presence and delivery...under his brother's tutelage I'm sure he can develop that.

So the first afterparty we hit up is at Zola. And like I said before, meh. To give the organizers some credit...the concert was half full, it was a Wednesday night and it started snowing (how you like that, Columbus!). So anybody with real common sense (and not just the CD) would have been snuggly in their homes. But not The Pink Ghetto. On to the next spot.

After trying to sell the cool Zola matches to pay for admission, we finally ended up at the Cove, which had the same meh crowd as Zola, with the exception of the crew, and some cool folks lounging around the bar. Shout outs to First Born for being a sweetie, he knows persistance pays off in the end! Also, shout outs to Middle Child for being in the house, my girls, Dii, Victoria, Meghan, sexy V, Dan the Man, Reuzilla and SugaRay. Marketing queen Akilah and her best friend was in the house (I was shocked to see her best friend wasn't a wad of money!).

John Legend came by, chilled for a while and took photos and signed autographs for the fans, which was cool, despite the meh crowd and the damn near blizzard-like conditions (minus lots of phuckin snow).

The verdict

People was cold and in the house, so I'm not going to blame anybody for the low turnouts for these events. However, it is important for folks to support the nightlife so that we can have events like these all the time, you know. Like my boy Brandan big cities, people kick it hard all days of the week. So, with that said: to kickin' it hard (raises pimp cup and clashes it with the crew)!


At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Scott said...

You know, it's funny: I have the opportunity to invite an incredible artist into town - Frank McComb - but don't feel like I can because Columbus is so non-music-savvy that this incredible artist would end up playing to 20 people and costing me lots of money.

Columbus is hard on art, and you're right: people need ot get out and help create this culture they keep seeking out and expect to just grow out of the concrete.

Mad love,


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