Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This Weekend (early, I know)

OK, so people obviously aren’t feeling the Best in Columbus idea…and that’s cool. I’ll just give you my opinion on what I think is best at the end of the year…unless I see a significant amount of folks who want to vote, I think I’ll retool the idea. This weekend, I’ll be coast to coast like Space Ghost, so you may see me in Columbus, you may see me in Virginia, because I’ll be both places! And though I’ll be taking Thursday and Friday off, I’ll still give you some stuff to do…


I’ll be in Virginia…and I know I have some Virginians that read my blog (don’t make me call you out!). So let me know what is going on in Virginia Beach so I can be entertained on my short vacation.

You Columbus folks should check out Velvet Rope Thursdays at the Cove. The drink specials are as follows:

$1 Drafts all night1/2 off
Martinis from 10 pm - 12 am
$2 Bombs from 10 pm - 12 am

Is that incentive enough?


You have to be in the house to welcome my man J Rawls’ new CD to Columbus. He is having a album release party at Long Street Live for his The Essence of Soul banger with all types of nu-soul goodies on it. Performing at the party will be Middle Child, Jonell (Round and Round with Method Man and Hi-Tek), Venus Malone, Rashad and Eric Roberson (whom I interviewed a couple months ago). All of these cats are on the CD. If you are in the Columbus vicinity, you should definitely not miss this one. For more info, call 614-857-9177.


I am trying to get tickets to see The Roots at Denison University…damn, these joints are like the Dead Sea Scrolls. Anybody with any Denison know-how needs to let a sista know!


Did you check The Boondocks last Sunday? If you did, you missed out…it was hot! I’ll be parked in front of the TV for another installment. Did you think they used the n-word too much? I didn’t.


At 5:17 PM, Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

$1 and $2 drinks? That's almost free. Dang, I need to visit Columbus.

I reiterate, I wish you lived in NY--then I would always know what's hot.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Your Host with the Most said...

Yo, the Neo-Soul party was poppin', but i was rather disappointed by how many people showed up. I thought Eric Roberson was going to "Bring'em Out, Bring'em Out". Fcuk it Donna, we had fun anyway, with your Tequilla Sunrise drinkin' ass. How about I tell you my side of the story that nite, and since i need pictures to go along with words, i will post all the shots i took that nite as well.

As for last nite at the Cove, Donna come see the world as i seen it through my eyes. The Culture Vulture was lookin' mighty tempting and twisted, i have to say.

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