Wednesday, December 21, 2005

2005 Hot/Cold-Music

Me first…here are my bangers and sleepers of the year. Make sure you get your say tonight at the Cove from 6pm to 10pm…Hot Topic’s in effect!

Best album 2005
Living the Luxury Brown, Mint Condition
Kanye West, Late Registration

Best single 2005
Touch, Omarion
Gold Digger, Kanye West

Sleeper of the year
It’s Me, Again Tweet
Street Disciple, Nas

Most overrated album/artist
Mariah Carey

Best local artist
The 3rd

Club Banger of the year
One Thing, Amerie (Imma R&B head, okay!)

Best rock/pop song/album
Since You’ve Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson
Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stefani

Best R&B Soul song/album
Let Me Love You, Mario
She Don't Have To Know, John Legend

Best rap verse
The Corner, Common

Best R&B/ Soul lyric
Flapjacks, Dwele

Best beat
Addiction, Kanye West

Worst rap verse
(Wait) The Whisper Song, Ying Yang Twins EWW!
Play, David Banner (didn’t he just say something about a monkey?)

Worst R&B/ Soul lyric
Trapped in the Closet, R. Kelly (all of them!)

Trend you'd like to see end in 2006
Stop Snitching!
Not music related but…weave with blond swatches in the front…it looks like Cruella DeVille.

Artist/album you are anticipating in 2006
The Detox, Dr. Dre
Maxwell, D’Angelo, Erykah…where you at?

You can find Wes Flexner’s hand in all kinds of hip hop around the city. He is a writer for Columbus Alive and hip hop buyer for Magnolia Thunderpussy.

Best album 2005
Edan-Beauty & The Beat(Lewis)

Best single 2005
The Game feat 50 Cent-Hate It or Love It(Aftermath)

Sleeper of the year
Edan-Beauty & The Beat(Lewis)

Most overrated album/artist

Best local artist

Club banger of the year
Young Jeezy feat Mannie Fresh-And Then What(Def Jam)

Best rock/pop song/album
Wolf Parade-Apologies The Queen(Sub Pop)

Best R&B Soul song/album
Ciara feat Ludacris-Oh!

Best rap verse
Copywrite-Beautiful Trainwreck(Nature Sounds)

Best R&B/ Soul lyric
R. Kelly-Trapped In the Closet

Best beat
Oh No-Move produced by J. Dilla

Worst rap verse
Webbie-Gimmee That

Worst R&B/ Soul lyric
T-Pain-I'm Sprung

Trend you'd like to see end in 2006
People that claim to want classic and innovative Hip Hop but refuse to check for anything that isn't marketed by a major label. No disrespect to Little Brother but people acted like they were the first people to make a "straight-up" Hip Hop record in the past ten years. There are groups besides the Roots & Talib Kweli that are availble at chainstore and pretty easy to find out information about. You want "skills" and honesty? Check for Blueprint. If you like raw emceeing with good beats check for UN. You used to like Wu, check for Doom. It’s not Jeezy's fault that you are lazy.

Artist/album you are anticipating in 2006
Soul Position-Things Are Better Between RJ & Al(Rhymesayers)

Jackie Stepherson who does her thing with FreedomSuite is the protype R&B head…check out her picks for the 2005 hotness.

Best album 2005
Earth Wind and Fire

Best single 2005 –
Let It Burn Usher

Sleeper of the year

Most overrated album/artist
the whole Down South posse and Ciara

Best local artist -
Chauncey (FreedomSuite 2005 -January performance)

Club banger of the year –
Happy People R.Kelly (My Banger)

Best rock/pop song/album –
Maroon 5

Best R&B Soul song/album –

Best R&B/ Soul lyric –
"If you don't want me then don't talk to me" - Fantasia

Best beat –
Everything on Little Brothers CD

Worst rap verse –
I heard a song referring to a woman's tubes being tied???

Worst R&B/ Soul lyric –
Anything Avant sung

Trend you'd like to see end in 2006 –
Rap as we know it now

Artist/album you are anticipating in 2006 –
D'Angelo if he does one since I'm getting Mary J. and Jamie Foxx now...

He’s not from Columbus, but my boy Panama Jackson represents with an awesome down south/D.C. taste in music.

Best album 2005: Late Registration -Kanye West...I didn't want to go there, but I just have to.

Best single 2005: "We Belong Together" Mariah Carey. Just couldn't get away from this song no matter what I tried to do. It was that hot.

Sleeper of the year: Zion I- True and Livin' of the best hiphop albums nobody's heard. Seriously that heat from beginning to end.

Most overrated album/artist: Be- Common...I think everybody else got a different version than I did. My version was just okay.

Best local artist: I live in Washington, DC, and you know we suck on the local music tip, but this year Raheem Devaughn did his thing, though I really don't like most of his album...what's the alternative?? Raheem Devaughn for 100 please Alex.

Club banger of the year: Hmm...I'll say "Golddigger" by Kanye West, though the song "I Be On It (Kryptonite)" by the Purple Ribbon All-Stars is that lick right now. In the A, nothing is hotter...except maybe Laffy Taffy and I like to pretend that doesnt exist.

Best rock/pop song/album: American Idiot - Green Day...don't know if this counts here but I love this album.

Best R&B Soul song/album: It's an R&B album (not soul I guess since I haven't heard any "soul" album I liked that much...that I can remember anyway) but The Emancipation of Mimi-Mariah Carey.

Best rap verse: Jay-Z's verse on "Diamond's from Sierra Leone" remix...hands down. That joint was crazy.

Best R&B/ Soul lyric: Hmm...the songwriting on John Legend's song "Ordinary People" was pretty good. So I'm gonna take all the lyrics in that song...apparently it resonated with people.

Best beat: This is a tossup between "Hustler's Ambition" by 50 Cent (and I have no idea who produced it) and that "Hate It Or Love It" by The Game featuring 50 Cent produced by Cool & Dre I believe. Both of those joints are ridiculously sick. Also, all the beats on Young Jeezy's album were hot as hell. His lyrics...well, see next item.

Worst rap verse: I have no idea the worst verse (aside from everything on Young Jeezy's album), but the worst lyric comes courtesy of Kanye West on "Roses", "got so many aunties, we could have an aunty team" I hate hate hate that line. Oh also...everything Lil Wayne says in "The Fireman" is ridiculously horrendous. Just crappy ass verses through and through.

Worst R&B/ Soul lyric: Since he gave us the best lyrics, he might as well supply us with the worst and I think he managed to do so on the song "Number One". Sheesh...John Boy...we dont believe you you need more people.

Trend you'd like to see end in 2006: The Game's continues pettiness and his trend of doing really gay things out of spite for 50 Cent. He's about one more butterfly tattoo from being one of the artist I refuse to listen to ever again. See also: G-Unot tattoo and G-Unot haircut being sported at Vibe Awards. Uber gay.

Artist/album you are anticipating in 2006: Assuming he doesn't do anything else ridiculously gay...The Game's "Doctor's Advocate", Pharrell's album, Detox...if it's slated to be released in 2006 and that new Outkast "Life in Idylwild" (or whatever its called CD)

DJ Krate Digga is the only deejay you will meet that can spin Al B. Sure, Young Jeezy and Isley Brothers in the same set. Check out his 05 hits and misses.

Best album 2005 - The Ministrel Show, Little Brother

Best single 2005 - One Thing, Amerie

Sleeper of the year - Extravaganza, Jamie Foxx

Best local artist – Middle Child

Club banger of the year - Whisper Song

Best R&B Soul song/album - The Love Experience, Raheem DeVaughn...Some Kinda, Dwele...The Breakthrough, Mary J. Blige

Best rap verse - Nas' verse on "We Major", Kanye West

Best R&B/ Soul lyric - Old Lovas, Dwele

Best beat - Spit Your Game, BIG w/ Twista and Bone (Swizz Beats)

Worst rap verse - Laffy Taffy, D4L

Trend you'd like to see end in 2006 - Whispering rappers, huh? What?

Artist/album you are anticipating in 2006 - Eric Roberson

Some of these folks (including me) are crazy right? What do you think?


At 10:25 AM, Anonymous belladawn said...

shouldnt the laffy taffy b unanimous as the worst song?!

im really anticipatin the new beyonce album as well, dangerously in love STILL plays n my car..

more than that, im anticipatin a JAY HOVA cd like i anticipated the first JORDAN comeback

i think toni braxton's libra is a sleeper 2.

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Inside Man said...

How is Nas the slept on albums, most overrated album/artist, and the best verse? You have some explaining to do Donna.

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