Tuesday, December 27, 2005

After Christmess

Hello everybody! I'm back from nursing the 72-hour Niggaitis. To quote my boy ReuEl, Niggas+ Turkey+ Carbohydrates= Niggaitis. And boy, I had it bad this weekend. I relaxed so good over my extended weekend that I almost forgot I had a job this morning. On XMas day, I didn't even want to go see my family, because I had busted a chill so good, I was in the groove of the couch. Shout outs to SugaRay, who is not only a master at acrylics and whatnot, but a master at cold chillin'. After getting a severe turkey and lovin' induced lounge yesterday, here I am emmerged from the Batcave to give you guys on the good on the Ghetto.

The family was good. I was kind of jealous that all the littel kids got so many good presents. My 15-year-old cousin got a dope keyboard...me and my sis called him Kanye East-side. Dude can play like 10 instruments! That's like...10 more than I can play! He doesn't read my blog, but shout outs to him.

Shout outs to my grandma (she doesn't read my blog either) for giving me one of her patented 'I don't want to offend you, but I do' comments about my hair. Our convo went as follows:

Grandma: I like your hair like that!

Donna: Oh thanks! I just twisted and untwisted it. I'm thinking about straightening it this week.

Grandma: Oh, that will be cute. I bet you forgot how pretty your hair is, since you've been wearing it like that.

Grandma's lucky she's grandma, or I probably would have drop kicked her. But I encourage honesty, and she's getting to that age where that stuff is stating to be cute, so what they hey.

Shout outs to my dad for putting both of his feet, an ear and a kneecap into TWO holiday turkeys over the weekend. I never loved a turkey the way I love my dad's! It made the Christmess a little better to fathom.

Shout outs to my boy Naton for weathering a patented Donna freak out Sunday night. It involved slush, 1a.m. and me refusing to drive, just to keep it brief. I think he got a little peeved at how I kirked out on him, but I bought him a shout and he's all good. Congratulations son, you're one of us now.

Back to the culture vulturing: Ed Mabrey is the man for hooking us up with Middle Child, Talisha Holmes, S.P.I.R.I.T., DJ BHB and more for $5 at the Brownstone tonight. Skip reruns of My Name is Earl and go check this out!

Also, I'll be in the house at the Cove tommorrow night with my Hot Topics in hand. Thanks to everyone who came out last week, and I'm looking forward to chop it up with you Wednesday night. Remember: open bar 5-7 p.m., other goodies until 10 p.m.


At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read some of your earlier posts you are quite a writer. Im sorry to hear about your recent break-up. You should not worry because 75% of relationships people get into right after a beakup don't work out. Did you get everything you wanted Christmas?

At 11:01 AM, Blogger DM said...

Thanks anonymous for your concern...my broken heart is fine. I did good this time and didn't rebound...well mentally I didn't. But all is in check and good. I have some great male friends that keep my crazy estrogen-induced emotions in check (I had one of them laugh at me yesterday, which was great). I avoided being bitter and am continuing trying to conquer the world.

For XMas, as I predicited, I didn't get anything I wanted. But it's cool, I got a nice fluffy bathrobe to induce more of that laziness I talked about. I'm just looking forward to some killer shopping in January.

At 2:04 AM, Anonymous belladawn said...

that is so funny, that convo w/grandma went EXACTLY like that! i got out the way cuz i thought u were gonna drop kick her!.. sike, ur not CRAZY.. :-)

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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