Friday, December 09, 2005

Are You From Columbus?

OK, so that last post was a little boring...but I'm keeping it all Columbus today, so here's a list my girl, fellow journalist Tiffany Collins sent me about the CO. I remember most of this stuff, how about you...

You know you're from the CO if...

1) You call it the CO... then try to get mad at people when they ask, “What’s that?”
2)You remember when 106.3 use to be the station
3) And you remember Hot 105.7
4) You think the only important sides of town are North and East
5) When a Nextel Chirps, EVERYONE checks their phone!
6) You continue to go to every single festival, the Rib Fest, the Latino fest, the Boom and the block party, no matter how many times you swear you too old for that shit.
7) You remember the Krome when it was HOT!
8) And you remember the Krome when it was Enigma, and thought you was doing something by being there on teen nights
9) You remember teen nights, period.
10) The name “DJ Dru” means something to you
11) Whenever you ain’t got shit else to do, you hit up the spot... Applebees!
12) You say “send,” as in “you tryna send me?” LOL, NO ONE ELSE SAYS THAT SHIT!
13) And you say Bro, like it’s normal
14) After you say O-H, you know someone, anyone, will respond I-O
15) You’re the only one on facebook that knows what CSCC stands for
16)You’ve been carded at Easton after 10 pm, even though you’re grown as hell
17) You, your mom, your friend, your aunt, your cousin, SOMEONE has worked for the Limited
18) You miss Sean Anthony, and think that new nigga is whack
19) Fuck a WOW, you remember United Skates of America NORTH
20) 2 words... NORTHLAND MALL
21) You remember when City Center was first built
22) Donatos is your SHIT
23) And you love Genjis
24) Even though he was like 12, you got crunk as hell anytime Bow Wow mentioned Columbus in a song, and you got pissed when he started reppin Atlanta
26) Lil Hollywood, lol
27) You know all the words to Sean Anthony’s theme song from like 2002, “Sean Anthony, is on the mic..”
28) You were geeked when you saw Rashad on Midnight Love
29) “Dipset in the building” means nothing to you, cuz them niggas is ALWAYS in the building
30) You still tryna figure out why Cam’ron claims Columbus like he was born and raised there. Ain’t he from New York?
31) You were riding down the street this summer, and every car was blastin Jeezy
32) You remember CCC before it looked like a movie theater
33) You remember never gettin out of school, because those damn Columbus Public schools wasn’t closing for shit!
34) You’ve never really met anyone that goes to Briggs
35) Club Envy
37) You kept your ass off of 270 when that sniper was around
38) And didn’t step foot in Gahanna when that Lion was loose
39) The Somalians got they own gang
40) You know where to go... Deveroes
41) Ameriflora!
42) Money Mikes, Louies, anything to not pay the real price for CDs
43) You know that there is a difference between regular Bexley, then Bexley by Sherrits market
44) The only time you go to the fair is on the first and last day
45) Valleydale is considered a success, as long as no one gets shot!


At 4:05 PM, Anonymous TeeBoo said...

WELCOME TO BUCKEYE CITY...My big cuz D. Goins was involved in that track...RIP. I miss you!

Skating from 8-11 on Friday nights was the bomb. I bet the lock-ins were hot too, although my mom never let me go.

Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

At 4:47 PM, Blogger DM said...

I wasn't ever able to go to those skating lock-ins either...but I couldn't skate anyway, I just liked to look at boys!

Shout outs to all the people that could for real dance on their 8th grade prom was at United Skates! (No skating though)

Shout outs to Buckeye City! Thanks for the love...

At 2:58 AM, Blogger Funky D said...

Ha, I worked in Gahanna when that lion was loose! So yeah, I guess I'm not from Columbus. Well, there's some other ones in there that I can't get down with, but you'll have that.

At 5:07 PM, Anonymous belladawn said...

i remember cuttin class at cahs goin 2 northland mall, & on the weekends when i got my car we'd just sit over there & eat sbarro's & chop it up.. i remember.. :)

At 1:41 AM, Blogger Inside Man said...

The next time I go to Columbus I'll know how to blend in after reading this.

At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My MOMMA went to Briggs! HAHAHA... funny but everytime I used to mentioned briggs, as in "I live down the street from Briggs" none oh y'all Columbus Public School kids new where briggs was...


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