Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Good Housekeeping

Happy Birthday ReuEl!

So last weekend the crew celebrated my big brother Reu's b-day (and Meghan and V) in an ignorant Kid N Play meets Meth and Red blowout held in the outskirts of Columbus. If you were jiggy enough to be in attendance you know the ladies had plenty to choose from because the men were all gorgeous (including the birthday boys). I stole this photo from my girl Thu, so unfortunately I don't have any more visual proof of the good time...I was a little too saucy and filled with mojo to take pics. Shout outs to all the hotties at the party...hopefully you took my card and checked my blog like I told you to! Ladies, next time I promise I'll be more responsible and take photos next time, the guys were so hot they make you want to tear the blinds off your windows!

So, time for the big announcement. Now I know you guys love the fact that I pour my heart out on random keyboards everyday...you get to hear out my highs, lows, downs and ups. I bet that really fun for you, right? Well starting this Wednesday, I will be hosting Hot Topics at the Cove, which is me, going around and asking folks about whatver the Hot Topic of the week is. So for you people who have fantasized about being a part of all these cool pictures I put up on this here blog...you can talk to me live between 6-10p.m. at the Cove!

Now the way this is going to work is you folks will come here or email me with a topic of your liking...there will always be some kind of online component to the night. This week the topic is

What's Hot and What's Not in 2005

Songs, spots, celebrities, ya momma, whatever comes to mind I will be asking you about on Wednesday. Also, check back here on Wednesday as some folks that I think are the tastiest tastemakers in the city have given me their take on the hottest music of the year. So make sure you come out, don't be scared when I put the mic in your face and represent for your favorite and not so favorite things of 2005. Sounds like fun, right

As far as I'm concerned, despite the appearance of being a bit of a party animal, a sista does take care of business. I have been more successful and focused in the past couple months than I have been all year. I am very excited about the new year and all the new things I'm looking forward to doing.

Some of them include:

A Natural Hair Blog which will highlight one person each week and their journey from creamy crack to natural hair freedom. Contact me if you have some photos of you that you want to be featured.

More hot articles with AllHipHop.com with some of your favorite R&B, Soul artists, poets and actors. Look out for my interviews with Anthony Hamilton, Jaheim, Robin Thicke, Ursula Rucker, Tony Rock and more!

Finally some local love...more on that later

My PR Firm will be hitting the streets early January, so look out for a collaboration between me and BlackNews.com.

Some hot projects with my boy Naton and Rich Jones

Also, I am so excited that so many of my friends have started blogging! Check out the new additions to my blog roll to the right!

Of course, you'll be the first to know when it goes down.

Mood for today: Sleepy. I had one too many drinks last night...unfortunately I didn't end up with a hottie from Memphis, Tenn.

Song For Today: Hangin' on a String, Loose Ends

My Hair: I have yet to master the double strands twist...I know if I cut down on my "recreation activities" my hair (and my house) wouldn't get so messy so quick.


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