Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's Not Right, But It's OK

Being left alone in the winter time isn't the only thing that's got me scratching my head. Here are some other things going on in life that have me asking, "why?"

Window Shopping

What's up with 50 Cent making fun of poor people? This Republican-ass rapper has this song, you've all heard it...Window Shoppers...where he basically makes fun of people who can't afford $400 milkshakes. Have you seen the video? What, is he and Mase on a date or something? I know this song is geared toward rappers he's beefing with (which at my last count was EVERY RAPPER but himself...I hope he doesn't catch himself giving a dirty look in the mirror) but it really applies to everybody. Compared to 50 Cent we're all window shoppers. And I think it's rude for him to take one of my favorite passtimes and make it into an insult. I think if you have a name like 50 Cent, you can't talk about broke people. Cash Money Millionaires are still hood rich. Even though their name suggests wealth. Like he hasn't been broke, phuck 50 Cent!


Okay, my girl Laina dropped some science about this situation...and I was going to stay out of it. Because there is one side of me that is conservative and black and thinks that Stan "Tookie" Williams, because he is the founder of the Crips (that's like being the architect of the Matrix, yo) is probably responsible for more murders than George Jung. And because of the decades of pain he's inflicted on black folks, why should I have more sympathy for him than anyone else? I don't believe in the death penalty...at all...for anyone. But I don't actively fight it, either. And if I started, should I start now?

Then if you look at all of his accomplishments since his imprisonment, it's really a testimony. I don't think this guy is going to be executed. I don't think this guy is a saint either. And this case is really being touted as a pop culture moment, not a serious social issue. Just like Terri Schiavo in Florida with brain damage.

If Americans really want to re-evaluate the death penalty in this country, fine (even though it should have been done two years ago.) But I don't want to see Snoop and all these celebrities giving sound bites because they want to be the next Kanye. If you're going to talk change, than live it, I say.


You know, the further you get away from a bad movie...the more it sucks. (Don't believe me? Try watching Booty Call and see if you don't literally throw up.) I was watching Belly last night, which is probably the most visually stunning movie made in a while. But dammit, if monkeys couldn't have acted better in it! Nas, T-Boz, DMX..gag me with a stick! I've seen underfunded, inner city school plays with more convincing acting that this movie! The hottest part of the movie (acting wise) is Tyrin Turner and the gat damn banana. Tell me that wasn't the best comeback of that year (well, probably not, but you get my point). And where exactly in Africa were these cats moving too? Africa City in the country of Africa on the continent of Africa? WTF?

This has nothing to do with anything but...

Shout outs to Ed Mabrey for last Tuesday's Black Pearl Poetry night at the Brownstone. I swear, that was the best night of poetry I've seen in years. Not only was the open mic fresh, but the features, Camouflage Finesse and Chief Rocka Entertainment, both from Cleveland, was ill as hell. Both troops are young, energetic and use all senses (except for smell and taste, I guess) to evoke all kinds of emotions in poetry. If you are ever in Cleveland, make sure you hit these guys up.

And the kicker...out of the shadows of the Brownstone...Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets. Now, I interviewed him like a month before The Corner by Common hit the streets, and was impressed that he remembered the interview! Ed and Umar promised that someday soon, he would feature...whenever he (or say, Saul Williams, or Sonia Sanchez) decide to make a stop at Black Pearl, I be there to see it!

So make sure you check Ed out sometime really soon (like tonight at 8 p.m.)...he has some really progressive and exciting things going on with his poetry night. Oh, and we in the Ghetto fully expect his "breaking up" rebuttal his promised in my comments yesterday...us Ghetto Girls just love testosterone around here.

Mood today: Meh. Things kind of suck, but I'm happy to be here.

Hair: OMG, I let my mom play with my hair last night, and I look like the baby of Ms. Celie and SideShow Bob!

Song for Today: Sucker by John Mayer (sometimes/I wish that I was a bong hit/you'd let me in and love every minute/and tell the room/the things I did to you) Why don't I just cut the bull and get with John Mayer...this man could do nothing wrong to me, I swear.


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