Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mixtape Baby

Everything I learned about men, for real, I learned it from my girl Elaina. Oh, the stories I could tell you about us carving our way through Wright won't hear any of those stories from me, but if you watch her blog, you may see some.

Well, Elaina is THE WOMAN when it comes to the art of seduction. I'm just a mixtape baby when it comes to her. I peeped her blog today and we had the same topic, just on different spectrums. Hers: the Get Closer CD. Mine: the Fuck You CD. But first, let me explain.

The CD shouldn't be called the Fuck You's really a Confidence CD. Fuck You songs are all about badmouthing the other person involved in the breakup. The Confidence CD is about being real about what happen and picking yourself. It's a difference, I think. So I'm posting this today, hoping it meets to the standards of her...and it's making me feel better.

The Fuck You CD (AKA The Confidence CD)

1. Free Yourself, Fantasia
This is the best break up song don't know when. But It is the absolute correct response a confident woman should have to an asshole.

2. Shake It Off, Mariah Carey
A lot of the songs on the CD have something to shaking things off. This song is blunt and to the point, but not abrasive.

3. Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Jay-Z
I play this song before job interviews, dates, breakups, sex, anytime I need an extra booth of confidence. Anybody thats not actively for you is dirt on your shoulders, basically.

4. Juciest, Alicia Keys
If you've never heard this song, download it. Who cares if dude doesn't want to're the juciest!

5. Free, Mya
Remember there's a whole wide world of men waiting to appreicate your freedom, but you have to appreciate it first.

6. Me, Myself and I, Beyonce
This song is about not beating youself for the mistakes you've made, and learning to trust yourself again.

7. Almost Doesn't Count, Brandy
...because it doesn't.

8. Caught Out There, Kelis
If Kelis can act a crazy fool, be herself and have Nas write a song called "Getting Married" then there's hope!

9. Through With You, Maroon 5
This song is kind of angry, but it's final. And so are you, right?

10. Let It Flow, Toni Braxton
Of all the songs on the Waiting to Exhale soundrack, this better be the only one on your Fuck You CD.

11. Tyrone, Erykah Badu
A little humor, but if the shits true then call a spade a spade.

12. I Wish, Carl Thomas
You can still love somebody but hate for them to be around.

13. Cry Me A River, Justin Timberlake
This song is angry as hell, but will help you (seriously) get over your ex's heinous actions of betrayal.

14. Spanish Joint, D'Angelo
You may have never listened to the words of this song, but if you have, you know it's about getting rid of something causing you pain and being more confident.

15. Teary Eyes, Missy
Okay, this probably shouldn't be on the CD, but if you are still crying-sad, than accept it and be in it until you can move on, you know.

16. Another, Biggie and Lil' Kim
These muthaphuckas try to act hard and shit, but they know they are heartbroken. The advice is golden.

17. Certainly, Erykah Badu
This is my personal theme song and it definately belongs.

Honorable mentions:

Used to Love You, By John Legend
You Don't Have to Call, Usher
Losing Control, Snoop


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Maverick said...

Good mixtape...I might have to put this together sometime. I would, of course, label it as the Donna mixtape and give you your credit...

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous belladawn said...

good mixtape!

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Daddy's Girl said...

I like it, I like it!! Some those songs definitely remind me of my Wright State "Tommy & Kisha" days. And yeah I see you raggin' on Belly, Tee!

At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Young Flix said...

Yea that's a hot list but U forgot the anthem I shoud've cheated by ya girl keisha cole

At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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