Friday, December 09, 2005

Odds and Ends Before the Weekend

First off, I would like to say that Family Guy is the funniest thing on TV. I was up last night, still reeling from my broken heart (oh, when will she give it a rest!) and there was this episode on about Lois’ brother who walked in on his mom cheating with Jackie Gleason…he looks away in horror as Gleason says “Pow, right in the kisser!” so he goes crazy and becomes a fat man serial killer. This show will ride a joke until the wheels fall off, and I think it’s so funny…so I am adding it to my ever growing list of TV shows I schedule my life around when I need to stop being cheap and by TiVo.

So, my Honey Bunches of Oats, who caught Making The Band 3 last night? Was it just me, or did Diddy pick girls that I never seen in the damn competition until last night? What’s up with all those girls getting all the screen time and not getting in the group? That’s tre wack. The people I like never get picked in these reality shows...well, except for Eva. And by the way…if Dominique doesn’t get signed, I will start a record label to put her on…she is hot! Laurie Ann Gibson, the choreographer, is such an emotional love muffin, I tell you. I will be checking out her dancing DVD so I can get my boom boom pap out in the club, I'm going to be challenging folks to a dance off!

Shout outs to all the new college grads who will be celebrating their freedom in the next couple weeks...and shout out to all the December birthday babies...there were lots of people gettin' down around February/March in the 70s and 80s. Every weekend this month are birthday parties and shit...tell your parents they are supposed to get pregnant in the fall so they can have spring babies...that way, you don't have to be fat, hot and pregnant (advice from my girl PTosh). Anyways, on to the weekend festivites...


A couple of folks will be having graduation festivities at the Cove this no doubt the Ghetto will be in attendance. I'm always down for a celebration, bitches.

My boy DJ OSharp will be beatin' up the boards at A Moment at ZEAL at Kayla's, 2820 Morse Rd. This event will feature an art exhibit, live performances and an after party (and food and dranks). For more info, hit up Frank at (614) 209-3571.


A nigga will be back at the Cove to celebrate with my boy Rich Nice and all the other December babies. Four, count 'em four, deejays will be in the building, including Stan the Butcher, the man who cut it up at my birthday party...dudes will be paying $5 after midnight, so get there early (well, early enough to get in free). Don't act like you're not Broke Phi Broke and need to get in free...

I thought Kem and Vivian Green were supposed to be at the Palace Theater Saturday night, but upon checking, I don't see anything scheduled for Columbus. So scatch that...


My STAR Cinnamon will be celebrating her bday, bitches! So look out for the photos of out non-stop party (yeah right). We may hit up Lil'Brothers for some slow windin, mon.

Or we may rock out with the crew and laugh at the's her call!

Be safe this weekend, use condoms and don't eat yellow snow...


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