Thursday, December 15, 2005

Out the Loop

Anybody driving around central Ohio today knows the weather outside is frightful. I was in my car, listening to Life For Rent, by Dido, wishing I were in a bigger city, like Chicago, where I could just catch a train into work and read or something before starting my day. There are a lot of books I need to start reading. After visiting blogger Quel’s site today, I am going to have to pick up Memoirs of a Geisha sometime soon to expose myself to other types of fiction besides black fiction. To be honest, I was kind of turned off from anything other than black fiction college. I was an English major, and everything we read was white American or British. I had a Women’s Lit class that was white American or British. I had one ethnic class that exposed me to Jamaica Kincaid and Alice Walker’s essays that was invaluable. So since then, I’ve wanted to read more about black folks…who doesn’t want to read on their own culture.

I also went to Toure’s website yesterday…he is definitely one of my favorite urban culture writers. Well, he has lists of books for writers, his requirements for rating emcees, advice for writers, archived articles and information about his books. Very interesting guy.

So, I don’t feel so bad about being out of the loop. I was at the Cut and Stab yesterday (C&S Lounge) having the most awesome fried perch, macaroni and green beans (thanks Ron for lunch!) and the jukebox was playing Me and My Girlfriend by 2Pac. Well, as the song came to a close, a woman in the booth behind me…who looked to be about 28-years-old or so says, “Oh, this song isn’t about a girl…it’s about a gun!” Now Makaveli came out in 1996, so almost 10 years later people still don’t know this song is about a gun?? Gosh, that woman is giving Columbus a bad look.

Changing lanes: I was going to write something about Richard Pryor’s death. I read some incredible obituaries, including one by a great Hip Hop writer Greg Tate in the Village Voice that put all the others to shame. I didn’t write anything, because I don’t know much about Richard Pryor. I don’t think I ever heard any of his albums…I seen The Toy and Superman III. I just think it’s a shame that people my age (me included) don’t learn anything about our people until they die.

With the Stanley “Tookie” Williams execution, I was on the Internet all day yesterday reading about lethal injection and the process behind it. Maybe if all the activists and celebrities would have rallied around this man 20 years ago, he wouldn’t have had to die. I don't know if he was innocent or not, but do you think Gov. Ahnold has better judgement than anyone else? It would have been great if his movie got the same mainstream support as George Jung’s biography, Blow did. That man shows absolutely no remorse for the travesty he laid on society…but is heralded like some modern-day Scarface.

I talked to my ex-boyfriend the other day...the one who still loves me...he told me I was a lesbian because I didn't put up with his shit. I didn't know quite how to take that. Though I appreciate the fact that people are 100 percent honest with becomes a little offensive sometimes. People tell me all the time I'm overly emotional...which is true...but what am I supposed to do about it. I guess the point is I put up with everybody else's crazy ass personality traits, so why don't people just put up with mine?

By the way…go check out my girl Elaina’s blog. She is writing up some awesome commentary over there…reality shows, 2Pac being dead and pouring out some liquor for gone but not forgotten celebrities. Don’t do it for me…do it for yourselves!

There are going to be a lot of changes around the Ghetto in the next couple weeks. I promise to keep you posted and involved as long as you guys promise to give me support and keep supplying me with the awesome feedback.

Mood today: Convinced. I feel like I have gathered enough evidence to make a couple educated decisions in my life…onward I go!

My hair: So, I had 2-strand twists that I twisted out yesterday because they got really fuzzy, really quick…any suggestions to avoid the quick fuzzies next time?

Song for today: See You When You’re 40, Dido
(You think that you are complicated, deep mystery to all
Well it's taken me a while to see, you're not so special
All energy no meaning, with a lot of words
So paper thin that one real feeling, could knock you down)


At 4:37 PM, Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

re public transportation
well at least don't wish you were in NY--we are expecting a transit strike tomorrow even though it is outlawed--but what are they gonna do, throw all the transit workers in jail?

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »


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