Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sunrise, Sunset

Yesterday was pretty eventful: went to the Cove, no Hot Topic, politik’d with DJ O Sharp and SugaRay on the future of the hip hop generation. About building what was destroyed by drugs and miseducation. Had a cute little coffee and liqueur concoction.

Tried to go ice skating, but the December temperature was near 60 degrees with rain. If you aren’t from Ohio that might sound unseasonable warm, but us Buckeyes know those type of fluctuations are normal.

Ended up at the grand opening of a hot new Jamaican restaurant spot called Sunset Negril, located in the Continent. Me and Ray had jerk chicken wings and sweet potato French fries. The place was stacked with reggae heads, college students and some in betweens (like me and Ray). The Flex Crew did their thing and everybody got their dance on. The restaurant is hot because tables surround a dance floor and stage area. There is also a huge wall with a projector screen that shows the Jamaican sunset via satellite. An adjoining VIP lounge had a large bar and complimentary massages. You should check out their site to get the skinny on all the other things this place has to offer. The Ghetto will be visiting this place more often so look out!

While we were at the Continent, checked out Aeon Flux, a weird movie starring Charlise Theron at The Screens. If the whole cloning, Laura Craft, Matrix, Vanilla Sky genre is your thing, you would love it.

New Year, New You

I am having a house party for New Year’s which is really exciting because I love to entertain. There will be wine involved, good food involved and karaoke involved. So, to all the people on my Evite list, you needs to RSVP so I can get a tally of how much I need to cook. Tonight I am putting together a menu…I’m considering a couple themes including: Taco Bar (make your own nachos, taco salad, tacos, whatever else you can make out of cheese, meat and lettuce), Asian (sesame chicken, sushi…umm…other stuff) or regular nigga faire (chicken wings, chips, dips, a couple side dishes). Any suggestions?

Was going to try to hit the scene hard, especially since I have this banging dress to wear…but the clubs were too expensive or the atmosphere was too crazy. And really, this holiday is set smack in the middle of nothing new. Matter of fact, it is during winter, a classic season of death. Death has a lot to do with newness, but it is hard for me to concentrate of refreshing and building a new attitude when there is so much stillness around.

There are resolutions, and casting away that we are all considering at this time. O Sharp had a point last night when he asked me what is it that I’m doing to help prepare the next generation. I’ll be considering that while I’m putting together my plan to take over the world next year.

I’ll be posting again today, so stay tuned!

Mood For Today: Well rested and excited about the weekend!

Song For Today: About You by Mary J. Blige featuring Will.I.Am and Nina Simone (A dope song about confusion)

Lunch For Today: I’m hoping my boy Naton like Indian food, we are going to lunch today.

Hair For Today: PTosh and I are counting down the final hours before we temporarily have straight hair again! MaxiGlide here we come!!!


At 10:22 AM, Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

Girl you know how to throw a party.

And just a word about "Jamaican sunset via satellite"--oh my gosh. Now that is living. If they could manage to have the sunrise too for those parties that go a little too long. Lovely.

At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Jamila said...

Sound like New Years will be cool.. I havent been out to the club on New Years in a couple of years. I will probably be in church.. I hope your party is a success!

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