Wednesday, January 11, 2006

For the Music Heads

Okay, so one of my favorite deejays, Krate Digga has started a blog called Loungin' In The Lab where he discusses his awesome taste in music. Now, for those who don't know how dope Krate is...this guy was almost late to Dii's bday party last Thursday because he was buying up some fire in Cincinnati! You ever wonder where Kanye got that sample for "Gone?" Ask Krate, he's like a musical Nostradamus! He is the type of guy that not only reads all the liner notes in a CD, but goes out and find all the songs sampled...and plays them in the club!!! It's called foundation people!

Well, he has a sweet contest going on to see if people can match up the original song with the's pretty damn hot. So...check it out and see how well you can do. Hey, maybe he'll throw in a couple of his mixes for the winners, who knows?

P.S. For Columbus and non-Columbus folks!