Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Predictions

Okay, so I’ve been on a gambling kick since my brush with poker. Here are some of my predictions…let’s see how right I am!

I Bet...

More black people will be watching the Jamie Foxx special on Wednesday than attended the Millions More March in October 2005. I haven't seen such an aggressive email campaign like this since my birthday party. Besides, I’ve though that Jamie has been kind of hush about his album since it’s release. Especially compared to Billboard rival Mary J. Blige. I haven’t read any articles about the album, besides reviews (please correct me if I’m wrong). And I’ve heard he’s been turning down interviews from everybody. Jamie, if you’re out there (and you read my blog) come and talk to me…I’ll be easy on you.

That Nas will finally have the right kind of marketing behind him to achieve legendary status since he has signed with Def Jam. New Yorkers have long proclaimed Nas as one of the best (even after Nastradamus), but like the Roots, the marketing machine has been bleak. 2006 will be an interesting year at Def Jam…

Jay-Z could give a flying fuck about Cam’ron and his reaction something that Jay-Z didn’t say. How are you gonna dis somebody that you though was going to diss you two months ago and didn’t? This is real middle school behavior. His press conference will surely be about his new Dr. Seuss album than actual beef. Cam’ron needs to get a life. He’s sounding a little too Game-ish to me.

Countess Vaughn will lose all the weight she wants to on Celebrity Fit Club, but she still won’t be sexy. See, she thinks her non-sexiness has something to do with her weight and height. But it’s just her. She’s just not sexy.

Master P is going to win Dancing With the Stars. And you’re probably going to go to this website to find out why.

Speaking of reality shows…Flavor of Love? Hoops is going to win all day. Well, if Flav was smart, he would pick Hoops. She is way too good for him.

Song For Today: Take Me As I Am, Mary J. Blige. This is off of her new album. Now sometime between last week and this morning driving into work I fell in love with this album (well, every song except MJB Da MVP). This song may be my anthem for the year.

Hair: Make sure you read up on my girl Morgan’s hair secrets on Creamy Crack. I am riding the wheels off of some twists, so I am looking forward to seeing my afro again in February.

Books: Reading You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down by Alice Walker. Has a story called "Nineteen Fifty Five" in it that I love! I've read this book of short stories about 10 times.


At 4:13 PM, Blogger Funky D said...

Yes! I was going to be disappointed if there weren't Celebreality predictions included in this list. As far as women that are seemingly doing well on "Flavor of Love," I hope that Hoopz wins too. I am also pulling for Goldie, but that seems to be more of a longshot. The fact that New York and Hottie (that chicken stunt was hilarious!) are still around, however, scares me immensely. Flav is not making great decisions, what a surprise!

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