Wednesday, February 08, 2006

10 Reasons...

Okay, so I’ve come out of the Stone Age and learned myself how to offer The Pink Ghetto for subscription. No, I don’t get paid, but it could be an easier way for you to keep in touch with all of my rants and raves about Columbus, entertainment and my life.

So what you do is visit this link and you will be able to have The Pink Ghetto added to your Yahoo, Google, AOL homepages, plus any other web-based news reader. You are also able to get updates to your cell phone and mobile devices, if you are fancy and can afford that kind of stuff. So this way you can know when I have updated and have a reminder to check me out (because I know you want to). Questions? Hit me up and I’ll try my best to answer them.

Need more convinving? Here are 10 more reasons why you should subscribe to The Pink Ghetto...

1. Because you subscribe to the Green Ghetto and you need something to match it.
2. Because I will eventually bully you into subscribing to The Pink Ghetto next time I see you at the Cove.
3. Because IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always love you if you do.
4. Because a link will arrive on your homepage whenever I update my site, making it easier to stay abreast of my witty commentary throughout the day.
5. Because if you don’t, I’ll challenge you to a dance-off.
6. Because if you dont, when I get on, I’ll leave your ass for a white boy.
7. Because knowing what I think makes you cool around your barfly buddies.
8. Because how else are you going to read about Osama bin Laden’s mistress, a Ginuwine interview and my recent break-up?
9. Because you just moved to the Pink Suburbs and you need a way to give back.
10. Because, because, because, because, because…


At 10:38 AM, Anonymous belladawn said...

thats cute... :) i subscribed!

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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