Monday, February 06, 2006

Non-Coital Related Headaches

I’ve been getting these inexplicable headaches lately. I’ve never been a headache person, so not only are they painful but annoying. I think have something comparable to blue balls…but it’s in my head instead of my genitals. I’ve adopted this principle called the New Deep, taken from a song by the patron saint of the Pink Ghetto, John Mayer. Click here to read the lyrics. So far, it’s been good…trying not to be so involved in tediousness. And that is huge for me, because I am the most analytical, detail-oriented soul you know (or don’t know). So I think my body is reacting to the lack of stimulus and neurotic thought that it is used to having.

Or my brain cells are growing back after I stopped drinking and from those years of other collegiate activities that may have killed them.

Or I just need to have more sex…that’s the surefire headache medicine.

Or I need to stop wearing headbands. I found out in high school that they cause the most excruciating headaches. But, since I’m not a hat person, I’ve always leaned on them like I was Crazy Joe.

What kind of music is everybody listening to? I would like for people to post at least three songs/CD that they have in heavy rotation. I’ve been on a Isaac Hayes/John Mayer/Jay-Z kick for the last couple weeks, and I need to expand.

There are words in the English language that I absolutely despise…because I can never spell them, or say them or use them right. They are:



New York City


Damn the Fugees and their Verizon Wireless marketing attack to make us like their new song. Do you like Take It Easy? It’s pretty meh to me. I mean, it’s the Fugees, so it’s never going to be garbage. I just don’t know if I’m feeling Lauyrn’s staccato flow.

Song For Today: Dust by Van Hunt

Hair: I’m doing my Fraggle Rock thing once again this week.


At 10:05 PM, Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

Inexplicable headaches can also mean: Please take me to the doctor.

heavy rotation:
Ray Lamontagne "trouble"
Dietrich Haddon--most recent can't remember the title of the CD
Roberta Flack--the one with Angelitos Negros (might have been a foreign release)

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