Friday, March 10, 2006

Destiny to Suck

I was driving into work today (in the slow lane, of course, because I’m in no rush) and I was feeling somewhat free and inviting. So I popped in my Destiny’s Child DC3 CD, you know the one with Survivor on it. My best friend Elaina is going to kill me for this but…this has got to be the worst Destiny’s Child album ever.

This is from someone who has a huge crush on Beyonce. But just because I like Beyonce, that doesn’t mean I like everything she does (see Fighting Temptations). And maybe you don’t even care…the album was out a long while ago. But of the songs that weren’t covers…the others sound like Muppets wrote them.

Now back in the day, this CD used to be my ish. I was an independent woman, who was bootylicious and dangerously in love. But then I grew up. I used to love Happy Face, but this morning, listening to Beyonce wailing in the background of the entire song actually made my stomach hurt. I stopped going out looking for my baby’s fava fava (as Kelly says in Cutie Pie). And I stopped braving people’s verbal attacks and calling myself a Survivor. Shit like that stopped mattering to me.

I’m not sure how much the ladies of DC3 have grown up. Their last album, though the women proclaimed to be more vixen than hood, was still a little juvenile to me. And by the way, how does Michelle totter back and forth from being a gospel singer to slow grinding on Magic Johnson’s lap? Doesn’t she say she wants to bone somebody in that Soldier song? Maybe I do miss LaToya and Latavia a little (yes, I remember the kicked-out chicks names)

But enough about Destiny’s Child…

This weekend there will be a lot of foundation being laid…so as far as activities go, me and my girls will be going to the Lux Lounge Saturday night to try out some buy one get one free entrees before March is over. Those crab cakes have Donna written all over them. Balling on a budget is the motto in the Ghetto.

Tonight I will be catching up on the new America’s Next Top Model episode I missed (which I recorded on my new TiVo)…I had to beg Slow Metamorphosis not to tell me any details.

And between meetings and typing up CD reviews on Sunday, I’m going to see Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, capisch?

More reviews: Check out what I have to say about the Kem concert in today’s Columbus Dispatch. I’m not usually too pressed about articles I write, but dammit it’s been three this week in the Dispatch. I’m feeling a little good about myself! (Brushes dirt off shoulder)

Weekend Prediction: More people will watch the Flavor of Love finale than watched the State of the Black Union 2006 (if you don't even know what that is, you need to cancel your cable).

Song For Today: Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Kelly is so gangsta in this song. Why wasn’t this on my Fuck You CD? I’m so moving on…yeah, yeah!


At 10:52 AM, Anonymous belladawn said...

this is a good post.. :)
when i c u i'll have 2 brush that shoulder off, i dont know who's havin the better week, u or juicy j?

how about chloe dao winning project runway?! i thought she was great.. i also thought the judges was a lil hard on santino, but how shocking was it that his mom was black? i dont know maybe it just shocked me....

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Slow Metamorphosis said...

Since you been gone is the ish! Her whole cd is tight.
ANd Im sorry but I will most DEFINATELY be watching the end of Flavor of Love. Sorry. lol. Wouldnt miss it for the world.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger DM said...

@dawn Yeah, Santino is mixed...that was a little shocking! Don't really get Afro American from his personality...but hey, welocme to the race, my brotha!

Does the fact that his is mixed make you change your perception of him?

I think Chloe won because she understands the female body the best...and that's what it is really all about!

@slow I'll be watching Flavor too...I think he should pick New York...yeah Kelly's CD makes me want to punch somebody's face in, it's so good!

At 11:43 AM, Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

Um I liked fighting temptations. Can't quite remember the plot but that was good ol' movie 'kay.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Miz JJ said...

Love Kelly Clarkson. Try not to admit it too many people, but it's true!

At 6:05 PM, Blogger BBB_0202020 said...

I will definitely be watching flava of love and I think New York looks like man but who is to say that matters becuz flava looks crazy himself

I think that beyonce is much better by herself

I saw dave chappele and it was great

At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've never seen flava's show - but i think i got enough of him on surreal life!

i like Kelly Clarkson too!

At 3:10 PM, Blogger lady_in_purple said...

i was reading a message board once and a poster described beyonce's singing as "soulful yodeling". i tend to agree :/

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