Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Some New Deep

I apologize for posting so late yesterday…Blogger was being a bia bia, so you are treated to three posts in one day! Aren’t you the hot ones. So much is going on and progressing and it’s so good to be able to share all the greatness of Columbus art, life and culture. It’s a bright, sunny day and it’s slated to be a great, warm week so make sure you start using your TiVo and get out and support great culture! (Stepping down from my soapbox) I have had my hand in all sorts of things over the past week, here are some new and upcoming deep:

Books: I am reading Baby Brother’s Blues by one of my favorite authors, Pearl Cleage. She has some what of a series with this book, Some Things I Never Thought I’d Do, Babylon Sisters and I Wish I Had A Red Dress. So if you pick up her latest book, it may make more sense if you read the others. She’s had a lot of books come out lately, but don’t sleep; the first book I read by her was a collection of short stories called The Brass Bed that is the bomb.

My Toure book, Never Drank the Kool-Aid, just came in from the library. It’s a collection of his interviews and commentary from several publications. If you are not hip, this man has the hippest insight on pop and urban culture…check him out!

Music: Shout outs to J.Rawls as he embarks on a fantastic voyage to push his newest collection, The Essence of Soul, across the country. If you like progressive soul, you have to check it out. I’ve had the CD since November, and I still have it on heavy rotation. My favorites: Pleasure and Pain featuring Eric Roberson and Bailar featuring Aloe Blacc.

TV: Thank the good Lord for TiVo, because the new season of America’s Next Top Model begins tomorrow and I have plans (more on that later). My girl PTosh is a little tired of the series, but I LOVE me some Tyra and will be watching it Thursday evening.

Does anybody watch Deal or No Deal? I am getting an addiction to this show like you wouldn’t believe. For future reference, the following numbers should never be picked on a game show: 7, 13, 21 and your birthday. Why? Because the damn producers know those are lucky and unlucky numbers, you idiots!

Interviews: Check me out in the Columbus Dispatch, my first interview printed with them! Me and Kem busted a chat before his show Wednesday night. You’ll have to stay posted to the Dispatch to see my review…of course, I’ll let you know when it runs.

Hair: I’ll be updating Creamy Crack a little more frequently because of the March Protective Hair Challenge. I posted something yesterday, and I have at least another post this week. Thanks to all of the ladies who are putting in the good fight for fab hair.


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