Friday, March 31, 2006

This Weekend

Wash your rides and pull out your shades because spring is here and this weekend is full of fun stuff to get into. Yeah, so I’ve been kind of secluded lately. But if you know where the hotspots are in Columbus, you will mos def get a glimpse of Donna.

Had the most fabulous Cuban dinner at Starliner Diner last night. It was on the west side of Columbus, and for the Columbus people, they know that's like another city. But boy, it was worth the ride. Had tortilla encrusted salmon, sweet potato french fries and the bomb southwestern veggies. Whoever wants to make tracks out west to got here again, I'm down. Anyways, back to the weekend plans...


My girl Jessica will be celebrating her “Supple 26” as Krate Digga calls it. Make sure you by her a shot of Patron tonight at the Cove, where it’s going down all night long. Shout outs to DJ BHB who will be rockin the boards in Krate’s absence.


Gallery Hop bitches! Not only will the galleries be packed with art, culture, wine and other goodies, but my man J Rawls will be spinning at the High Five Bar.

And for those who like to see poets sweat, make sure you stop by the Acme Art Co. (tucked between High St. and 5th Ave.) where Scott Woods will be attempting a 24 hour poetry reading starting Saturday night and ending Sunday night. I’ve already sent him all of the feminist poetry I could find for him to read, let’s see how much he actually does read. For more on this man’s madness, check out his website.


I solemnly swear to get some work done, watch Closer and relax.

Have a great weekend and don't get suckered into any April Fool's jokes. You know that girl isn't really pregnant. Holla!