Monday, May 01, 2006

Jaguar Wright Roundup

The atmosphere: The show was at the Cove, a place that makes most claustrophobics nervous, but with a little furniture rearranging, it was actually a cozy space for the intimate show (way more comfortable than a crowded Brownstone). It was kind of inconvenient having to wait until 11:30 or so for the show to start, especially on a Sunday night…but I guess that was due to circumstances out of our control.

The crowd: At first, there were plenty couples, 30 plusers and women who love to come to shows like this in droves. As the night progressed the crowed thickened out with the younger demographic. Shout outs to Daniel Moss who tore himself away from to see the show,my girls Akilah and Morgan were in the building as well. Fellow PR girls Dawn Dickson, Niel Jurist and Rasheedah Crawley were caught getting their networking on. I haven’t seen my girl Chasity in forever…luckily she tells me she’ll be celebrating her birthday at the Cove next Friday. Shout outs to Queen Roshae as the women of Napps, Kinx & BBs had the VIP on lock. We all know how stuffy Columbus crowds can be, but when these ladies entered the room, about 10-15 deep, the whole place livened up! Shout outs to Triumph, Smiley and Naton, the photographers who were on the prowl that evening. Next time you see Naton, make sure he tells you all about the drink he made up…it is yummy!

The music: Blek was on the boards, and I could have had a conniption when he played Crazy by Gnarles Barkley and Being A Girl by Van Hunt. But I was having a rather business-like conversation, so I had to stay cool. He also added some mojo to the evening with a line-dance song or two…black folks are always receptive to line dances…

My boy Tone did a couple joints off of his new release while the audience waited for Jaguar and the crew.

The band was on point and warmed up the crowd with an Ed Mabrey-off-the-top-sound-check-rhyme that was pretty dope.

Jaguar Wright: She should change her name to Rattlesnake Wright…chick’s attitude was ferocious. It was obvious she was upset at the band for something…but it would have been nice if she could have hid that from the audience. I mean, the band was full of some hometown boys (shout outs to Attention Disorder) so Columbus could have been muy defensive. Plus, her issues don’t have nothing to do with the show. Keep it professional, treat everybody with respect and keep it movin, Jaguar! I’m doing a full review of her portion of the show for, so you’ll just have to stay posted for the music roundup.

The verdict: The show was great overall, even if it ran a little late for my taste. It would have been great to see some more local music representing as opening acts. I’m assuming the organizers didn’t expect the evening to be so long. Regardless, the turnout was great. Some of Jaguar’s real fans…that knew all the words to the songs were right up front. I think that may have been the thing to improve her stanky attitude. I’ll be way more receptive to shows at the Cove for now on, the atmosphere was comfy with great places to see the show, yet hit up the bar without disturbing lots fo people. Overall the night was great! More photos to come!


At 10:25 AM, Blogger Miz JJ said...

I wanted to comment on your buying a house, but I had computer problems on Friday. I think it's a good move.

Sounds like the concert was good.

At 5:43 PM, Blogger edmabrey said...

Well, a few things.
I give credit to the cats of Cover for letting me apologize to the crowd for the delay. It was one of those things where everyone had planned right, the singer was there, but essential parts of the band were not. So you can either start with a partial band or just hold on a bit. I think it speaks highly of the crowds here in Columbus that they are stretching a bit beyond the norm, whether that be oming out to see acts they normally never get here in town, or staying up and around to see them.
I know Fergurson Ent. and IN8-Innerprizes did all they could but once cats are in route on the road, not much can be done.
As host I tried to make it fun and the wait a bit less obvious and pained.
I wonder how things are going to be here in town when shows start actually getting planned to start not till 11 pm or midnight. But time will only tell.
Jaguar is known for her feisty ways on the mic, alot like Leela James. They can be frank, blunt and honest, and sometimes it has merit and other times it does not.

I loved the way the crowd came together and drowned out hte talkers at the back (actually the front)of the space and formed a circle of good times and hand clappin'.

I wonder, and maybe you readers here and you can discuss this-
what will it take in this town for people tocome out to these shows and really come out for THE SHOW?

Here is what I mean- I was born in Cincy. Their motto there is, "We paid "X" amount of dollars for these seats so we will be sitting in them all night."
Meaning no matter how hot the performer is, they just kind of sit back and chill, kind of nonchalant and stuffy.
This trend has only recently changed and even then in extreme instances.

I used to think it was a midwest thang. We are just homely and laid back. Friendly and open. But I am starting to think that ALOT of folks in the midwest, Ohio specifically do not get out of their own city much and even less get out of state, with the obvious exception of yearly vacations, cruises, family reunions. (and yes I am leaning this thought process more towards blacks)

So it seems alot of people act in a manner in which they THINK cats act in much bigger or more art and entertainment infused cities.

So we dress cute, pay whatever amount, expect hot music, great DJ's, nice surroundings and atmosphere, incredible performers, a all in all awesome time...BUT, we either want it to fit in a short span of time cuz we got to get up for work or watch some Tv, we half pay attention to it and get somewhere just to talk to our friends andtreat the whole event as expensive background noise, or we get very blase about the whole experience and are too concerned about our looks or image to let our collective hair down and have a good old time. (which to me would be the midwest thing to do)

Now mind you, I am not referring to the Jaguar concert only, it is just an example of something I have noticed on this scene for some time.
So this is not in any way directed to anyone in particular on this website or anywhere else for that matter.
I just wonder what it is that the young to not so young black Columbus market wants when it comes to entertainment.
Alot of hot shows have come thru and I have stood amazed at the lack of people there. And even those there often seem more "sex in the city"-being here cuz it is the thing to do and where to be seen moreso than the "this shit is hot" type of vibe and crowd.

Or maybe it's just me.
Retreating back to focusing on poetry now.
Make sure to be part of that crowded crowd this Tuesday for Ladies Night and the best damn show we've ever done, poet-wise.

At 10:47 AM, Blogger DM said...

Hey Ed,

I think the night was good overall...a mix of the lateness and the performer's attitude kind of beared on me.

I think with some shows, like this one, it really is a niche audience who is coming. I talked to some people who didn't even know who Jaguar Wright they didn't want to come anyway!

Maybe it's that people here don't want to discover new music at venues...they want to hear it on the radio...and we all know how proficient that is. So the idea of coming out and seeing someone new...or someone you've barely listened to isn't in the budget, or isn't neccesary...I don't know...

As far as the audience vibe is concerned...personally, I was scared to make a move in front of Jaguar...she was scary! But the people who were feeling her showed it. For the martini-drinking cool people, I guess that's the way they think they are supposed to act. People don't know how to cut loose and be fun and not worry about work...I don't know, but next time I'm out, Imma ask...

At 12:37 PM, Blogger edmabrey said...

Very good points Donna.
Yes, alot of people here will not hit a spot to check live music based upon the faith factor, they do wantsome advance notice of who the person is and how they sound.
Which, as you pointed out, makes it hard since we are dominated here by very saf, very bland, major level radio.
It amazes me how we are te #1 test market city for damn near everything BUT the arts. Especially music.
The only alternatiev is for promoters to pass out Cd snippets/samplers in advance maybe with fliers with ticket discount codes in them, but of course that can get expensive real quick with no guarantee of seeing that money back, much less what you have spent in the actual talent coming in.
I hope places in town keep pushing things for as long as they can. It seems that longevity wins out here, no matter the quality level of the show. So if you just keep bringing folks in, eventually people will shift their mindset to fit that part of the lifestyle/culture/nightlife into their routine.

And I had a really cool conversation with Jaguar for about an hour or so after everyone else had left and we were chilling out by the food cart vendor. She is very outspoken, no doubt. But hell, her name is Jaguar, I consider that fair a chick named Cobra...or a pimp named slickback.

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