Friday, June 30, 2006

Boom Weekend!

So I’m trying not to do anything stupid like eat a whole bunch of croutons in my salad or run across a loaf of French bread so I can be as svelte as possible for the weekend. I’ve lost three pounds this week, and I’m no-carbing it today. Why should you care? Because you best believe I will be stepping out and looking hot all weekend. I hope to lose at least five more pounds by Wednesday with all the running around I will be doing. Unless you are grilling up some asparagus and tilapia, don’t invite me to your cookout. I seen Beyonce on BET Tuesday and I’m focused, man!

Dwele! Eric Roberson! Rashad! Middle Child! SugaRay! Yo’ momma! The Southern Theater hasn’t seen this many black people since…okay I won’t make a racial joke here. Just know it is going down in a major, huge way! If you haven’t heard or don’t know about the show, you suck. Hit up Wali for those limited, super cheap tickets at 614-774-2710. Hit up the Cove for the afterparty.

I’m Gallery Hopping, who wants to go with me?

DJ O (I know the secret behind your nickname, still) Sharp will be doing damage at the Cove.

You think I spend too much time, bigging up the Cove? Well, if any other place in Columbus has doing it like them, I’d be there. How about those apples. Two words: Kid Capri . Four more words: At Cove Sunday Night. What more can I say?

The new night at the Carlise Club will be jumping, trust me. Krate Digga, DJ Blek, all the people you know and love. And of couse, svelte Donna will be there…in the event that I successfully avoided my aunt’s famous potato salad.

Yeah, Red, White & Boom, of course. I think something’s going on at the Red Zone…but I don’t currently have that flyer in front of me. So one of you good people in the Ghetto can update us.

Black Pearl Poetry will be in effect

25-cent wings and Reggae Karaoke at Sunset Negril

I’m lucky enough to have Wednesday off too, but that’s nearly a week away. I don’t know I’ll be doing then! So check into The Pink Ghetto all weekend for updates on events, and pictures of the parties! OK, I successfully have carpal tunnel from all this typing, so you should come out sometime this weekend because A) you are a city tripper like me B) you need to buy me a drink to restrengthen my wrist and C) what else do you have to do! Holla, holla, holla!


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