Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Million

Remember that song by Jay-Z? I think it was the intro to the ghastly, uninspired In My Lifetime, Vol. 1. The CD had some bangers…Who Ya Wit, Real Niggas with Too $hort and Streets Is Watching is on that CD. But also Fly Girl with Diddy and Lil Kim, that awful, awful City Is Mine with Blackstreet, along with other lukewarm fodder. Damn you, Puff Daddy-era of Hip Hop. Damn you.

But this isn’t about Jay-Z or the materialistic demise of Hip Hop. It’s about all of the things you can do in Columbus this weekend. Because let’s face it. I can’t do them all. I’m not getting any younger. I’ll be 30 in five years and a month and a half. I’m getting old guys!


Cove, Sugar and Spice bars, Global Nightclub…take your pick! All of those places will be jumpin this evening.

The Columbus Arts Festival starts today and runs through Sunday evening. I absolutely love the Arts Festival. I’ve volunteered in the past, and meant to this year but missed the deadline. Anywhoo, make sure you check it out on whatever day and support some beautiful artists.

Speaking of beautiful artists, my home skillet PTosh has a piece in a show this evening at the Ohio State University Foundation Art Show. The opening is from 5-7pm at Hopkins Hall. This is her second show in her first year in the department. Get down Tosh go ‘head get down!


First Fridays at Midwest Hotel and Convention Center on Sinclair Road

Foundation Fridays at Cove with my boy Krate Digga

Live Reggae with Vision featuring Deighton Charlemagne at Sunset Negril

My girl Cinnamon scored me some tickets to the ultra exclusive rooftop party to celebrate the Arts Festival Friday night. I may breeze by another spot on my way home.


The 250th Gallery Hop in the Short North goes all day long! There will be all kinds of sales, and other goodies going on. Do yourself a favor and make an appearance sometime throughout the day.

Scott Woods and his gang of poets will be on stage at the Arts Festival. He promises family friendly, but I bet he’ll slide a vagina or penis in there some kind of way.

Dwele will be at The Art, Southern Theatre starting at 8pm. Middle Child, Cyrus Baty, Ed Mabrey, Krate Digga and all your other favorites will be in the building as well. I scored a hot, hot date (shout outs to my hot date ;) so my ass will mos def be in a seat. Tickets are only $15-$27, which isn’t much.


I hear In8’s Wali and Lawrence are having a party at the BStone for their birthdays. I haven’t received an official invite (ahem) so until I do, looks like I’ll be watching Family Guy.

…Or catching the last day of the Arts Festival. I’m arsty-farsty according to some, what can I say!

Also This Weekend

I’m a bit of a health nut. So I’m excited that it is finally time to pick fresh strawberries and other fruits and veggies! You haven’t lived if you’ve never had fresh strawberries from the vine. I came from the hood, but my parents kept us cultured, okay! Here is a list of all of the area farmer’s markets, so I’m going to try to go by one this weekend and get some fresh goodies. You know you want to come over…

Did I miss anything? If I did, oy! I may not be able to make it there anyways. Have fun this weekend guys!

Song For Today: Marathon by Kelis


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