Monday, July 10, 2006

12 Play

1. I ate like a horse-cow-pig hybrid last week. Luckily, I didn’t gain any weight. Thank you, good ol’stress. At one meal, I ate macaroni and cheese, pasta salad and spaghetti. You would think I was getting ready to run a marathon.

2. I will never see Dwele perform again. Okay, never is a strong term but…I am so not excited about Dwele anymore. If you caught last week’s Art, you can expound with me, but I just felt like he gave an uninspired performance. And he didn't sing anything off of Subject! What the deuce? That should have been the Eric “Never Let’s Me Down” Roberson and Rashad show.

3. I’ve learned not to listen to house music when you are 20 minutes away from being late to a job interview and you have to stop by Kinko’s to print out your resume. House music in the wrong environment is panic inducing and stressful.

4. I’m considering carrying a surrogate baby for Beyonce and Jay-Z. Especially after seeing Fade To Black for the first time.

5. Khia doesn’t have anything going for her, but boy did she hire an awesome PR team. Ms. My Neck and Back is in every major hip hop publication (and Janet’s new CD) giving soundbites like a mugg.

6. Boys that can cook are the new hotness. I’m dating a boy who may, quite possibly cook better than me. My excuses before have been healthy eating and lack of proper cooking tools. But damn if this boy didn’t fry me some shrimp that made me lose my religion. A nigga can cook…some of ya’ll know that.

7. Speaking of the boy, it has been very interesting to see what interests I have picked up from him already. Some of them include: John Coltrane, Busta Rhymes, Alchemist, Cherry Limeade (a drink, not a rapper) and the color blue.

8. You have to believe that I’m trying really hard for my birthday to not become a fiasco. Really I am.

9. Who goes to the Spice/Sugar Bar? I used to frequent those places, but I haven’t recently. What’s your impression of the atmosphere?

10. Where’s a place in Columbus, besides Bucca di Peppo, where a large group of people can tastefully eat?

11. My grandmother had the greatest soundtrack at her funeral. Gladys Knight, Al Green, Frank Sinatra, The Spinners. Of course, some gospel…but now I see where my great taste in music comes from.

12. In the course of an hour, my 16-year old cousin called me: lame, dumb, stupid and laughed at me not with me while trying to teach me how to snap dance. Am I getting old?


At 6:39 PM, Blogger Ms. Pretty Green Eyes said...

Eric - I love him. I was out as soon as I found out that he was in the lobby. Now I would have his babies...

House music is for crazy people. It can make you loose your mind.

I went to Sugar once. I liked it. You know you have to prepare yourself for all the white people though.

Old. Ha. Ask me that when you are my age.

At 12:44 PM, Blogger BBB_0202020 said...

fade to Blabck is the bomb and I want to see Beyonce lose the baby weight herself, lolol...but I love them as a couple they work well...
I will get back on where a large group of people can eat at...

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Miz JJ said...

I use to study to House music. It would keep my subconcious busy while I was stuck reading some boring ass shit.

At 2:23 PM, Blogger The Stiltwalker said...

I'm in love. I need your help.

At 8:28 AM, Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

Good post. I feel you a out Dwele, I saw a show he did a few months back and it seemed like he was on downers. Oh, and Khia, I'm not a fan by any means, but I liked how she acted like she didn't know who Jackie-O

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