Monday, July 24, 2006

Birthday Weekend Recap

After the nonstop partying from this weekend, I swear I need some chicken noodle soup and a soda on the side (let it rain, and cool it out). Business first, pictures are coming! Actually I have one set that I will upload this evening, and a second set that I’m sure are coming swiftly.

Of the things that I can remember, here are some high lights from my weekend. For those of you who were there and swore I acted crazy, you can fill in the blanks.

I swatted a plot to ruin my birthday by attending the Common/The Roots concert. Common was one song away from me flashing him Mardi Gras style. I’ve always known that Common was a good-looking man. But how sexy he is…man, I was sleeping on that! Expect comments about me stealing his sperm and having his babies for the remainder of the year. Look out for the full review on!

If you were at Cove Lounge Friday night, you saw the VIP section rockin’ like never before. Krate Digga brought in my 25th birthday like no other deejay could have! Big, big shout outs to him! There were tons of people there, and please blame the liquor if I didn’t remember you, or called you a name that wasn’t your name, or licked your face and called you sexy, or knocked your drink over or any of the things drunk (yet hot) girls do when they turn 25.

For all the people who promised to buy me a drink and couldn’t because I maxed out at three shots and two mixed drinks, you’ll just have to owe me one next year (or next time you see me out). After waking up Saturday morning and making myself not get out the bed because I was scared I would throw up, I’ve come to a couple conclusions.

1. I can’t forsee an occasion in the near future, however downing consecutive Patron shots is not the most gut-friendly thing in the world.

2. Inviting all the hottest boys I know to the same event wasn’t as panic inducing as my friends thought it would be. I did manage to come with and leave with the same person.

3. Always follow heavy drinking with heavy eating. How I forgot to do this, I don’t know.

Did the family thing at Buca di Beppo. I successfully swatted an uncomfortable conversation with my Dad who told me to let him know when thee was something “Daddy friendly” on my blog for him to read. As he waited for a response, I stuffed my mouth with fried mozzarella.

After much debating and Christmas socks, breezed through the Brownstone which looked like the secret meeting of sugar daddies and PYTs. Even though I ate 10 kinds of pastas at Buca, settled at Steak N’ Shake for an awesome, late-night brownie sundae.

The feeding frenzy continues! I went to the Ribfest with my mom, my sister, Jessica and Afrika and ate beef brisket, a huge ass smoothie and half of a funnel cake. I also tried not to flirt with hot boys in front of my mom, since she met my number one and liked him lots. According to PTosh, I’m just a big flirt…it’s harmless.

I met a couple people who knew me solely based on my blog, which made me feel part good/part creeped the eff out about what they really thought about me from meeting me in person.

Thanks to everybody who gave me birthday shout outs and everybody who came out to the birthday events. Once again, look out for pictures coming this evening!


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