Monday, July 31, 2006

(Fill in the blank) Must Die!!!


Shout outs to The Usual Suspects crew…I know you guys hate me for not coming out. But I had to take care of some unfinished business (shout outs to my unfinished business). I heard people were spilling out of Bodega’s, the deejays were on fire, people were beefin’, and celebrities were in the house. I wasn’t there, so you guys are going to have to fill in the blanks.

How awesome is the concept behind the movie John Tucker Must Die? I mean, I won’t be going to the movie theater to see it, but I will be anxiously awaiting its TNT or TBS television debut. It’s nice to know I’m not the only girl who has been two-timed (or in some cases 5,6 or 7 timed) by a boy. I used to date this guy that had at least five revolving girls that I knew of. Let alone the ones I didn’t know. If we could have got on some common accord, and “taught this guy a lesson” what would he have learned, really? Boys that like to date multiple girls can never be cured of that, I think. Because it’s not the boy with the issue, it’s the kind of girls the boy is attracted to. Of course, women can say…well if we change, the men with change. But face it, there will always be girls who will be with a man regardless of his “prior engagements,” there will always be girls who don’t care about other loves in his life. I used to live by the creed, “I don’t care about the other girls, just be good to me.” I date multiple boys, and I can’t say any of them ever get mad at me for being with the other. I also don’t lie about it either, which might be John Tucker’s problem…

So if you could fill in the blank up there, who do you know should “die” and what would you do to “kill him?”

There are tons of things going on this week. I don’t ask much from you guys, but please go out and support some of the local talent in Columbus.


Black Pearl Poetry will be celebrating its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Yeah! Shout outs to Ed Mabrey for a successful year! My favorite deejay, Krate Digga will be spinning (a House and Reggae set, so I hear). A SHE Slam with all women poets still has some slots open. Ladies, there is $200, diamonds and other prizes on the line…so I say get your words together and spit SOMETHING. Slam poet Patricia Smith will be in the building as well. As well, The Pink Ghetto. Tickets are well worth the $7 admission. You’ll have to be very important to get into VIP at this point…The place will be stacked around 8pm, remember this is the Brownstone people so get there early…


Writer’s Block Poetry will be having a send off for their Slam team as well. (Two teams in Columbus means the city is getting bigger and deffer). I love the Columbus Music Hall on Parsons too. Tickets are $5. There are fresh baked cookies and the bartender is hot!

I scored some hot seats and a hot date for the Earth, Wind & Fire concert! If you check the Ticketmaster site today...they are havins a special on seats, yo! $18 lawn seats are whatsup...What’s your favorite EW&F song?


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